Rodent Control: Keeping Your Pets Safe


Rodents and Rodent Control Keeping Your Pets Safe

Whether you own a dog, cat, bird or even fish and reptiles, they are likely treasured members of your Kitchener family, and you do all you can to keep them safe. From providing them with vaccinations to keeping your backyard gated, there are many safeguards you can use to keep your pet healthy, but one possible threat may put them at risk. Rats and mice on your property could be more than just a nuisance; they may pose a health risk to your pets.  At Truly Nolen, we are ready to help you protect your pets with various safe treatments and home rodent control Kitchener services. 

Rodent Dangers 

While some cats and dogs might be willing to tangle with a rodent, allowing your pets near these animals could result in moderate to severe injuries. A cornered rat will not hesitate to bite, and even a mouse can deliver a painful nip to a dog or cat’s sensitive nose. Mice and rats also carry a variety of diseases that may pass to pets, including: 

  • Hantavirus
  • Leptospirosis 
  • Roundworms 

Mice and rats may also carry lice, ticks and fleas and spread them to your pets. Even reptiles can be affected by ticks, which can be challenging to treat in more exotic species. If your dog or cat eats a dead rat or mouse, it could make them ill as well. If you discover the presence of rodents in your home, call us for home rodent control Kitchener and avoid allowing your pets anywhere near nests or inhabited areas. 

The Risks of DIY Treatments 

Once you see mice or rats around your home, you may consider do-it-yourself treatments like traditional traps and baits. However, some of these treatments could be dangerous to your pets as well as the rodents you are trying to eliminate. Traps can cut or mangle curious paws, and bait can poison pets that happen to find it, resulting in expensive vet bills and a prolonged illness for your pet. Our Truly Nolen technicians can offer you a variety of pet-friendly treatments that protect your furry friend while ridding your property of rodents for good. 

Our Solution for Rodent Control 

Once our technicians arrive, they may ask you about rodent sightings or where you found any signs of nesting. This can give them a starting point for their inspection, where they will search for possible entry points, pathways or nesting areas where rodents may be breeding. They may pay special attention to spots where your pets and these pests may cross paths, especially if you are concerned about the safety of a curious kitten or puppy. 

Because we understand that protecting your family’s safety includes your beloved pets, our technicians do not use harsh poisons or chemicals while ridding your property of rodents. Cats and dogs have a keen sense of smell and may become ill if exposed to such elements. Even fish and birds can get sick from the smell or if it enters their enclosures. We avoid using such chemicals and remove trapped rodents so they do not attract insects or create unpleasant odours that may cause your dog or cat distress. 

Tips for Future Rodent Control 

Once our rodent removal technicians treat your home, there are a few ways you can prevent them from returning. Pet food can attract both mice and rats, so consider buying chew-proof containers with lids that screw down. Keep window screens and frames in good repair and keep overhanging tree branches trimmed so rodents cannot enter your home through the roof. Keeping your yard neat and free of clutter can also discourage rodents from making nests there. 

Our solutions for rodent control can protect your pets from harm and prevent them from coming into contact with rats and mice that could cause them harm. Contact us today and give your pet the safe and happy home it deserves.