Simple and Safe Tips To Rid Your Home of Spiders This Spring

Simple and Safe Tips To Rid Your Home of Spiders This Spring

Have you ever noticed the way spiders seem to appear all at once when spring comes around? In most cases, these spiders have taken up residence in your home much earlier but they become more active in the spring. Whether they are seeking new food sources, responding to a disturbed hiding place or getting ready to reproduce, spiders are often on the move as the weather grows warmer. The good news is, most of the spiders you encounter are harmless for you and your family. Even so, nobody wants to share their space with these eight-legged creatures. Consider a few steps you can take to prioritize spider control this spring.

Eliminate Hiding Places and Food Sources

Before trying to get rid of the few spiders you see in your living space, it’s important to address all those you cannot see. Spiders often seek out damp, dark places that they feel are safe hiding spots. In addition, they try to stick close to potential food sources, meaning places where other bugs dwell.

As you go about your normal spring cleaning, keep an eye out for these sorts of areas in your home. These may include attics, basements, dark corners and areas where household items are piled or stacked. Be sure to vacuum, sweep and dust likely hiding spots to get rid of any existing webs.

You may also need to declutter your home by reorganizing or even tossing some items. For example, if you have stacks of clothes on your closet floor, it may be a good idea to either store them elsewhere or donate them. This reduces the number of places spiders can easily hide. Don’t forget about the exterior of your home; equipment or wood stacked against your house’s siding could present similar issues as clutter inside your home.

Target Entry Points

Once you have reduced the number of comfy spots that spiders can live in your house, it is time to take steps to prevent spiders from reentering. Namely, take the time to inspect places where there may be cracks that leave room for a spider to crawl in from the outside. These are commonly found at the borders of doors and windows, for instance. These gaps can often be sealed with the proper type of caulk.

Utilize Safe Deterrents

Because it may not be possible to close every potential entry point for spiders, there are some extra measures you can take to discourage them from coming into your home. For one, you may wish to consider using cedar mulch in the landscaping surrounding your home or investing in insect-repellant lighting for your exterior light fixtures. The mulch has a smell that spiders do not like, while the lights deter the bugs that spiders use as food sources.

Trust Our Team of Professionals

Despite your best spring cleaning efforts, sometimes the spider situation at your home can get out of control. If you find yourself battling a spider population that doesn’t seem to want to budge, our team at Truly Nolen is eager to help. We use spider control measures that are safe for your family and your pets. If you are ready to kick out the spiders in your home for good, contact us today so that we can begin treating your space.