Spotted a Wasps Nest At Your Home? What’s Your Next Step?

Wasps can be very dangerous if they inhabit a property. Though not everyone is allergic to the wasp sting, an attack from multiple wasps can still cause an allergic reaction. They pose an even greater risk since they build nests in hidden areas which one can knock down or disturb unknowingly. When this happens, a large number of angry, defensive wasps will attack and sting. You can see how this can become a problem for a property owner, especially with children and pets playing outside.

Where Wasps are Likely to Nest Around Your Property

A wasp or two during the summer doesn’t signal that there is a nest present. But, a larger number of them, especially if concentrated around one area, can signal a presence of a nest. Wasps get inside a home or a property in numerous ways, but always through holes, cracks and other damaged spaces inside a property. They can build nests underneath or beneath the front porch, along with the roof lining, in sheds, and attics. But, how wasps get inside a property doesn’t really matter. It’s what draws them that should concern you.

Wasps sense the smells of food and drinks, and they’re particularly sensitive to sweet smells and tastes. This means they might turn up in spaces near which you store jars of honey or jam, or those spots where a lot of trash gets built up.

How to Avoid Wasps on Your Property

Now that you know what exactly draws the wasps to your property, knowing what to do to avoid them shouldn’t be much of a puzzle. Keep the property clear of to much clutter and repair infrastructure in a timely fashion to avoid creating entry holes for wasps. If you discover a wasps nest on your property, avoid knocking it down on your own. In fact, steer clear of the particular area until pest control technicians show up to knock down the wasp’s nest in a professional and safe manner.

Need Assistance With a Wasps Nest? Call Truly Nolen Canada

Removing a nest is best left to experts, doing it on your own could be dangerous. If you’re not familiar with the techniques of wasps nest removal, you could easily end up with a bigger problem on your hands. Instead of exposing yourself and family members to the risk, contact a professional pest control service for your wasp problem.

Truly Nolen’s highly trained technicians use protective equipment along with the right gear and tools to remove the wasp nests in a way that won’t put you or your family at risk. First, they will inspect the property to locate all of the nests. Next, they’ll knock down and destroy them using the right gear to ensure that no nests are left behind. After the complete removal, the entire area that the nest occupied requires cleaning so that the wasps do not build another in its place at a later time. Contact Truly Nolen today to let the professionals get the job done right.