Spring Cleaning Checklist: Tips To Control Bed Bugs

Spring Cleaning Checklist: Tips To Control Bed Bugs

Warmer weather in the spring not only leads to people welcoming more sunshine and higher temperatures but the increased activity of wildlife as well. One particular thing you want to pay attention to during your spring cleaning process is bed bugs. They avoid the outdoors during winter months like most other pests and insects. Bed bugs can enter your home in several different ways, which could make it difficult to locate the source of the infestation. In any case, the presence of bed bugs in your home requires professional bed bug pest control. Here are some tips on how to check for them during spring cleaning.

How Do I Know I Have A Bed Bug Infestation?

There are several symptoms of bed bugs being present in one’s home. Some of these include:

• If you notice red, raised bumps on your skin, you may be suffering from a bed bug infestation
• Black streaks resembling dried blood on mattresses or other furniture is bed bug fecal matter
• Bed bugs leave behind skins when they molt. Noticing these brown exoskeletons near a mattress might mean an infestation is present

Most commonly, bed bugs are imported into a home from other places. However, they can enter your home from any point of entry on the outside, including cracks. In case your home has recently had visitors or guests that have stayed, their bags could have contained bed bug stowaways. This also applies to bed bug hitchhikers found in clothing, furniture and other gifts and items brought into your home. The most definitive way to know for sure you have a bed bug infestation is to call a professional company like Truly Nolen to conduct an inspection. Such professional bed bug pest control services are your best option for removal, as well.

How Do I Find & Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In My Home?

Spring cleaning is an ideal opportunity to inspect and sanitize your home against these critters. Finding bed bugs is relatively easy, as they are creatures of habit and typically hide in specific places. Bed bug hiding places usually include:

• Bedroom mattresses and linens
• Furniture upholstery
• Living room furniture and upholstery
• Window sills
• Baseboards
• Nightstands and drawers
• Bed frames and box springs
• Drapery and curtains
• Clothes

DIY bed bug sanitization techniques exist, but you should use them at your own risk. Some sources recommend chemicals as the best way to go, however this may not be effective and possibly dangerous for your family to breathe in. Rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle is another option given to kill both bed bugs and their eggs on contact. These may seem like simple solutions but the problem usually goes a lot further than what you can see. Remember that a professional pest control company is always the absolute best and most reliable solution.

Who Do I Call If I Need Professional Bed Bug Pest Control Services?

Call Truly Nolen, of course! Why? Because Truly Nolen has been at the forefront of professional bed bug pest control since the 1930s. The company’s technicians are highly trained and experienced and make it their business to know everything about pests and their vulnerabilities. This means that one short call to Truly Nolen is all YOU have to do. The rest is up to Truly Nolen’s skilled technicians, who won’t just determine with 100% accuracy whether your home is under attack, but will remove and sanitize the problem swiftly and effectively. When it comes to reliable bed bug pest control services, Truly Nolen truly deserves to be on your speed dial.