St. Catharines Bed Bug Control: Will a Mattress Cover Help?

St. Catharines Bed Bug Control: Will a Mattress Cover Help?

You might be sharing your bed with this unwanted guest! Bed bugs are small brownish parasitic insects that feed on the blood of humans or animals. The most common places where get their food supply are beds. Since female bed bugs can lay hundreds of eggs, seeking professional help as soon as you notice the problem is crucial to solving the issue. St. Catharines homeowners have been in constant need of pest control services because of persistent bed bug problems.

To prevent these insects from getting in your bed will require some planning, you can try a mattress cover but only if you’re absolutely sure you don’t have bed bugs in the first place. Covers prevent bugs from crawling inside and laying eggs but also help to stop the growth of the infestation. If you are in need of trusted professionals to do the job of eliminating these pests, choose Truly Nolen and their team of skilled knowledgeable experts with plenty of experience in the area. Read on to learn more about bed bugs and mattress covers that can help to fight the infestation.

Why Are Bed Bugs Attracted To Our Beds?

One of the most common misconceptions concerning bed bugs is that they nest in filthy environments. This is not true since they aren’t drawn by dirt and decay, but only blood meals. These pests love places that give easy access to food and beds just seem like the best targets. Carbon dioxide that both humans and pets exhale attracts these bugs and they will tend to nest in places abundant with this substance. But what makes them appear all of a sudden in the first place? Unawareness is the logical answer and the more you educate yourself on these pests, the more unlikely it would be that you’ll find them in your mattress. Prevention is key when dealing with bed bugs, so self-education is crucial when it comes to ensuring these blood-thirsty pests are kept at bay.

Is A Mattress Cover Effective In Fighting Bed Bugs?

Since you want to prevent bed bugs from trying to nest in your mattress, special bed bug covers can help you with this task. These have tight zippers and no seams or folds which ensures that no bed bug will be able to crawl in or out of the cover. Even if your bed is already infested, by covering it you will cut their food supply and stop the infestation from spreading before your pest control professional arrives to treat the area. To make sure you have the infestation under control, invest in a high-quality box spring cover as well as pillow covers. That way you will have more chance of combating the problem of bed bugs and stopping them from infecting other areas of your home.

If Your Bed Is Infested With Pests, Get In Touch With Truly Nolen

When there is a bed bug problem in your St. Catharines home, skilled professionals from Truly Nolen are your best choice to eliminate these annoying insects and make your home pest-free. They start by identifying and inspecting the potential bug infestation and then treat the problematic area. Truly Nolen uses a patent-pending high-pressure misting system and environmentally safe products that are registered with Health Canada. With this successful method, no bed bug will be left behind and you can relax knowing that your home is clean and safe from future pest infestations. Get in touch with Truly Nolen today and solve the bed bug problem for good.