St. Catharines Pest Control and the City’s Rebate Program

St. Catharines Pest Control and the City’s Rebate Program

Are you tired of running into mice at your home and having to deal with them over and over again? These rodents are always in search of food and if you have some around your property, they’ll probably find a place suitable to nest in. Urban areas like St. Catharines are twice as more likely to have mice problems, but at the same time, a commercial pest control provider operating in this area has years of experience and will ensure that your home stays rodent-free. Since the residents of St. Catharines are constantly in need of rodent removal services, the city has come up with a rebate program to help their citizens deal with the cost of rodent removal services. Read on to learn more about the rebate program and some tips to help you get rid of mice in your home.

How To Get Rid Of Mice On Your Own?

Even though most people think of mouse traps when it comes to rodent removal, the truth is that this tool is quite ineffective. Mice end up eating all the food and escaping which means that they will only stick around longer just to feed off of the trap. Since these pests can transmit various diseases, it can be quite dangerous to deal with them on your own. Some of the diseases that they are likely to transmit to people are hantavirus, salmonella, and rat-bite fever. This is exactly why getting rid of mice on your own is dangerous and is not recommended. When you’re constantly troubled by these animals, professional removal service is needed to solve your problem and make your home uninviting for rodents.

The Rebate Program In St. Catharines

Due to the constant mice problem in the city of St. Catharines, the Rebate Program was introduced to help cover some of the costs of rodent removal services. The conditions that you must meet in order to apply for the program have been listed so residents are able to check their eligibility in advance. For example, if you have any kind of waste on your property, bird feeders or a vegetable garden, you won’t be eligible for a rebate. If you don’t have any of those then you’ll be advised on applying some tactics to try and remove rodents on your own. If these don’t work you should hire an exterminator to do the job of removal for you. When the extermination is over you’ll be ready to fill in the form which will, later on, be reviewed by the city staff. If you’re approved, you’ll receive a check; however, if you’re denied, you’ll receive the reasons for such a decision.

Choose Truly Nolen As Your Most Trusted Pest Control Service

When you realize that trying to remove rodents on your own can be quite a nightmare and an ordeal, professional and commercial pest control services are there to save the day. Truly Nolen is a successful family-owned company that has been helping people with rodents since 1938. If you happen to live in St. Catharines where mice love to nest in people’s homes, Truly Nolen is there to remove the mice and prevent them from coming back. Leave the job to professionals from Truly Nolen and you won’t ever have to worry about these annoying rodents again.