Stink Bugs 101

Stink bugs come from the true bug family Pentatomidae, and belonging to the order Hemiptera. Their name derives from the unpleasant odour they produce once disturbed or crushed. In Canada, the most frequent stink bug is the brown marmorated stink bug (Halyomorpha Halys). It’s come to inhabit the areas of southern Ontario by accident,  as it’s been introduced and passed from Asia. Canada is also home to other stink bugs, such as the green stink bug (Acrosternum Hilare), and the brown stink bug (Euschistus Servus), which entered the province in 2012. These bugs feed mainly on fruit but cause a great deal of damage to agricultural economics as they spoil the appearance of the crops. Truly Nolen Canada sheds some light on stink bugs, from the perspective of professional preventive pest control.

Stink Bug Characteristics

The odour stink bugs emit isn’t the only thing that sets them apart from other bugs. They have a shield-shaped carapace, ranging 14-16 mm in length. They mainly inhabit the cooler parts of the US and parts of southern Ontario. Temperatures of 21C or warmer help them thrive, which means they’re most active during the summer. Throughout September and October, stink bugs will migrate to buildings and homes in search of a warmer environment. Outdoors, stink bugs look for shelter in weeds, tree barks, and other locations that provide shade and hiding spots.

Stink bugs mainly feed on trees, plants, vegetables, and fruits. They target gardens and crops, feeding on corn, legumes, tomatoes, peppers, apples, grapes, berries, oak, soybeans, and much more.

Stink bugs develop through metamorphosis. They hatch out of eggs and live as nymphs until they reach adulthood. Each female can lay hundreds of eggs towards the end of June, mainly laying the clusters of around 36 eggs on plants and leaf stems. Each nymph goes through five molt stages before maturing. Adult stink bugs live approximately eight months, and it takes them about five weeks to grow to adulthood. Stink bugs can produce up to four generations each year, which largely depends on the climate and other factors of the environment.

Due to the fact they feed on fruits, vegetables and crops, stink bugs can cause a great deal of damage to farmers and households that grow their own produce. They damage the produce and crops, making them unappealing for sale. Since they are also known to nest around the walls of buildings, early detection is of great importance to prevent the bugs from causing damage. You have the best chance of noticing stink bug infestations in your home during mild winter days when they’ll leave their hiding spots.

Are You Dreading Stink Bugs? Call Truly Nolen

Preventive pest control is the best way to get rid of stink bugs entirely. It won’t be enough to simply pick them up with a vacuum cleaner. Since you can’t track all of their hiding spots, getting professional bug removal technicians should be a top priority. Truly Nolen will send out technicians to determine the type, numbers and hiding spots of stink bugs in your home. We will then remove them, sealing their entry spots and giving you instructions on right home adjustments to prevent the bugs from coming back.