Stop Rat Infestation With Truly Nolen

Serious health concerns and property damage are two of the biggest concerns when having a rodent infestation in your home. A particular reason why rodents are tricky to deal with once an infestation occurs is that their populations grow incredibly fast. That is why the best course of action is to target the population while it is still relatively small. What are you to do? Call a professional pest control service to handle the problem expertly. For the best pest control provider, please visit

Why Are Rats Among The Most Troublesome Pests?

Rodents’ bites are common among small children, and there have even been cases where infants have lost toes and even died because of rat bites. Rat bites are also ideal for transmitting various diseases to victims such as strep bacteria. Rodent feces can also be dangerous especially after they have dried. Rat and rodent droppings break apart when touched and release airborne particles. These particles can easily travel into people’s nasal passages and can end up causing serious infections. This is exactly why rat and other rodent droppings must be handled with care. For more information on rat problems, visit

What Is So Special About Truly Nolen’s Approach To Rat Control?

Speed, effectiveness and reliability are the three things Truly Nolen focuses on whenever a new infestation arises and a homeowner requests the company’s help. Truly Nolen technicians are professionally trained and understand that each Canadian home is unique. That is why the first step is to understand your individual and specific needs. A thorough inspection of your home is completed to understand what type of rat are causing your problem. After identifying entry points and the level of rodent activity, the Truly Nolen technician will then create a highly customized plan to solve your rat problem effectively and reliably.

How Does Truly Nolen Do It?

By applying the following steps:

• Exclusion
• Trapping
• Vector control
• Sanitation

Exclusion includes rodent-proofing your home by removing the critters as well as places they have to find shelter, build nests, forage, hide or rest. Trapping serves to reduce the population of the infestation and can take between several days and a few weeks. Vector control includes eliminating vectors that typically live alongside rodents like ticks, mites, roaches, and fleas. Lastly, sanitation means cleaning urine and feces that have been left behind, which can cause contamination and disease. A HEPA vacuum system is used by Truly Nolen technicians during this final stage of the process.

Why Go With Truly Nolen If You Have A Rat Problem?

Truly Nolen offers a complete top-to-bottom effective and reliable solution for rodent infestations, with a proven track record of success. Truly Nolen has been at the forefront of pest control for more than 75 years and has helped countless homeowners in that time. That says plenty about the way Truly Nolen treats each particular intervention. Contact them or visit today, so your home can benefit from the company’s expertise, experience, and professionalism.