Summer Is Cockroach Season; So Be Prepared

With more than 3,500 species present worldwide today, cockroaches are one of the most troublesome, resilient and adaptive pests in the world. As a matter of fact, they have been an insect pest for more than four million years and have even walked with the dinosaurs. That says plenty about their ability to adapt and survive. Roaches are particularly fond of living in places like nursing homes, hotel rooms, food processing facilities and restaurants. These are some of the most vulnerable places, meaning residential pest control services are essential if you spot them anywhere.

What Are Some Of The Basic Cockroach Concerns For Homeowners?

The biggest problem with having cockroaches is the fact that they can spread disease and contaminate food. After traveling through sewers and garbage, they could walk over food and excreting on food preparation areas . Cockroach body parts and feces may cause negative reactions in people with asthma.

Even though the presence of cockroaches does not signify unclean living conditions, they are attracted to buildings because of damp and warm conditions offered by plumbing areas, basements, bathrooms, and kitchens. They can eat virtually anything when hungry and are attracted to food sources that contain protein, sugars, and starches.

Getting Rid Of Roaches The DIY Way

The best strategy to get rid of roaches from your home is to combine thorough cleaning with pesticides (though these are usually not recommended as a DIY method). The most important step in preventing any pest infestation is to prevent access to shelter, water, and food. Here are some tips for DIY cleaning in your home:

• Make sure to regularly clean damp and dark places near food sources
• Store food in tightly sealed glass or plastic containers
• Ensure not to leave pet food or water out 24 hours a day and clean up spills immediately
• Never leave dirty dishes to pile up and definitely do not to leave them overnight
• Vacuum your home often in order to remove food particles and insect egg masses

If DIY Fails, Seek Out The Help Of Professionals Like Truly Nolen

Preparing yourself for cockroach season can be done the DIY way. It is true that prevention is always simpler and more effective than removal. However, if you are in need of professional services in residential pest control, opt for Truly Nolen. A company that has been at the forefront of healthy and environmentally safe pest control methods and techniques for more than 75 years, which says plenty about the their devotion to each and every intervention. Call Truly Nolen today and ensure your home is free from cockroaches for years to come.