Summer Pests: What Attracts Spiders To Your Home

Most pests thrive during the summertime and it’s no different for spiders. A crucial part of any prevention strategy as well as keeping pests out of your home and property for good has to do with determining what is it about your home that’s attractive to them. When talking about spider control, in particular, there are a number of different reasons why they’re particularly fond of your home and why you might need professional spider control. Here are just a couple of them:

• Fruits
• Privacy
• Water
• Insects
• Domestic waste


Believe it or not, it is possible to spot a spider crawling out of a grape or banana. This wouldn’t be particularly troublesome it if wasn’t for the fact that it’s usually the venomous spiders that hide inside fruits. Interestingly, that’s also one of the most common ways how they get transported into different countries – by hiding in fruit crates and shipments. When you’re shopping for fruit next time in the supermarket, make sure to take a closer look at what you’re buying.


When you think about it, where do you see spiders most often? It’s certainly not in the most clearly visible places and locations throughout your house. On the other hand, there’s a great chance you’ll find them spinning their webs in corners, crevices, dark and less used spaces, so inspect these frequently to ensure you don’t have any unwanted visitors.


There are spiders that require water sources and those that do not. Either way, those that do will often prefer to drink water from bathtubs or sink taps, which increases the likelihood of you or someone from your household having an unpleasant encounter with an arachnid visitor. That’s why it’s important to avoid leaving any water sources available as you might end up needing spider control services.


Or, in other words – food! Because spiders feed on insects, they are one of nature’s best domestic pest controllers. When observing the various parts of their menu, one is likely to encounter clothes moths, earwigs, cockroaches, fruit flies, mosquitoes, crickets, drain flies and a number of other pests. Put differently, any home plagued by any of the aforementioned pests will likely have spiders present at the same time.

Domestic Waste

Similar to the previous point, one of the best ways to draw the natural prey of spiders into your home is to have tons of domestic waste lying about. This will also draw spiders themselves, which leaves you in the same predicament. Simply take care of the household rubbish in order to minimize the chances of being infested by spiders.

In Need Of Professional Help? Call Truly Nolen

While many consider spiders a mere nuisance, it can be very troublesome to be overwhelmed by a large number of them. Such infestations are often beyond the capabilities of the average homeowner, which means professional spider control is your only option. Truly Nolen has been in the pest control and removal business for more than 75 years and has amassed a vast experience in handling different types of infestations successfully. Get in touch with Truly Nolen today and solve your spider infestation problem quickly and reliably.