Summer Spider Boom: Curbing Spider Infestation

Spiders are very beneficial insects, even though they often inspire feelings of dread and fear. They prey on caterpillars, aphids and various types of insects. Although spiders will bite humans if provoked, they are not known to transmit diseases. Certain spiders are venomous and it is important to know if there are any such spiders in your area. They frequently enter people’s homes and spin webs to nest and catch prey. Summer explosions of insect populations can provide more food for the spiders, which can also cause more infestations in your home. This creates the need for professional spider control services.

What Kind Of Problems Can Spiders Cause?

Some species of spiders will bite humans in rare instances. The only spider found in Canada that can be hazardous to humans is the widow spider. However, black widow bites rarely result in death. Symptoms of this bite depend on the amount of venom injected, victim sensitivity and the bite area. Common symptoms include:

• High blood pressure
• Headache
• Sweating
• Muscle cramps

Other spider-related problems include unsightliness of webs, crawling pests and occasional psychological distress to individuals with arachnophobia. Generally, spiders are more of a nuisance than pests. Should you find yourself dealing with a large population in your home, it may be time to call in a professional spider control service.

Prevention Tips & Tricks

The first thing to pay attention to when trying to deny spiders access to the inside of your home is caulking any gaps in foundational walls, ensuring all doors and windows are closed and properly sealed. You can also encourage them to look elsewhere for food sources by keeping your residence clean and free from insects. Most spiders prefer moist and dark environments such as basements. Make sure to frequently remove webs, clear out basement clutter and also maybe get your hands on a dehumidifier. Seeing large numbers of spiders in your home continuously may be a sign of a more serious infestation, in which case you will need professional help.

Turn To Truly Nolen For Professional And Reliable Pest Control Services

Spiders are generally beneficial and are not considered pests by everyone. If you are seeing spiders in your home constantly, despite any prevention tips you are following, it may be time to seek out professional help. If this is the case, turn to Truly Nolen for reliable and effective spider control services. Truly Nolen has more than 75 years of experience in dealing with different pest infestations and services more than 150,000 customers annually. This says plenty about the company’s track record and effectiveness, so call Truly Nolen today to ensure your home remains spider-free.