Summer Storms Can Create Pest Entrances in Your Home

Summer storms freshen out the air and make otherwise extreme temperatures more tolerable. They can also often damage and destroy homes. It’s not uncommon for home infrastructure damage to allow the pests to come through and get inside a residence. If you suspect a pest infestation, Truly Nolen Niagara will handle the removal in an environmentally conscious way.

Why are Summer Storms Risky for Pest Infestations?

Critters, rodents and insects look to invade urban homes after rain storms. Indirectly, storms can tear down trees and flood the underground tunnels that some of the species inhabit. Floods can often drive pests out of their dens in caves and tree bottoms, so the animal will look for the nearest shelter. Storms often pollute clean water which is essential for rodents and critters. When this happens, they will abandon their natural homes and swarm towards surrounding neighbourhoods.

At the same time, summer storms can damage roofs, walls and the rest of the homes infrastructure. Well-maintained properties can turn into a moist and muddy pest haven in a single night. When a summer storm suddenly strikes, you are at an increased risk. One from an array of wild animals reaching human neighbourhoods, and the other from the holes and cracks all over your house that are left after a storm. Here’s what you can do to prevent pest intrusions after storms.

Trim and Prune Trees

Having a lush, old tree near your home is gorgeous to see, but it’s also risky. Strong winds can tear branches down and even knock down the entire tree. Young, healthy trees are mostly safe, while the older ones need more attention. Pest and rodents will often use branches as a means to get on your roof and into your home if they find an entry.

By inspecting trees that surround your home and cutting old, damaged branches regularly, as well as those branches that are too close to roofs and windows, you’ll prevent possible damage to your home. Hiring professional help is the best course of action as branches can be hard to track, which is the reason why a concerning number of homeowners have cut the very branch they were perched on.

Avoid Damage to the Roofs

Damaged roofs are the main entry spot for rodents and critters, especially those that climb trees and are capable of climbing walls. Inspect the roofing regularly to track any weak spots. Open cracks and holes are an obvious sign that a repair is in order. They are also signs of decay in wood and rust in metal elements. Chimneys are exposed to severe weather changes therefore more vulnerable to damage, inspect them for cracks and clogging to avoid having an animal inhabit them. Inspect a roof after every storm to make sure it didn’t get damaged. Damaged roofs most often pass water, which is another reason for concern. If you suspect your home is at risk from pests, call Truly Nolen Niagara.

What Happens if Your Home Becomes Infested With Pests?

Rodents and critters can turn up in a home post-storm within only a couple of hours. Luckily, Truly Nolen works with numerous proactive, sustainable methods to pest-proof a home year-round. We will have trained technicians inspect your home and detect pest entry spots. After this, they will suggest adjustments to keep them out. If the infestation already occurred, we’ll perform an efficient extermination to ensure that none of the pests come back.