Summer Time Dilemma: Keeping Rats Out Of Your Car

A property owner can face many adversities, but one of the biggest ones is a rat or mice infestation.
They can cause destruction to furniture and wiring, as well as being dirty and disease-ridden. The problem isn’t only with households; rats can also infest cars, damaging your vehicle if you don’t do something about the situation. If you’re having infestation problems, please visit

A Rat’s Love For Cars

Rats are known to crawl into vents where they can die and cause a stench in and around your car. Under the hood, they eat away at circuitry, tubes, components and wires. You run the risk of having performance issues with the vehicle if you do nothing to combat a rat infestation in your car. Once inside the engine bay, they easily make their way all across the car. Here are the most common places of entry for rats:

• Steering columns
• Pedal shafts
• Holes around cables
• Vents

How To Keep Your Car Safe From A Rat Invasion

A dead – or even live – rodent is the last thing you want to see when you open your glove compartment. To minimize the odds of a rat entering your car, here are some simple tips you can put to use:

• Don’t leave openings into your vehicle
• Keep foliage away from your car
• Stop moisture from building up inside your car
• Keep your car clean

These tips will come in handy with preventing rats, mice and any other rodents from targeting your car for shelter. It is important to keep in mind that DIY methods will only go so far when it comes to getting rid of an infestation. Professional help is always the recommended option.

Want To Keep Rats Out Of Your Car For Good? Go With Truly Nolen

Getting rid of a rat infestation successfully by using DIY methods is possible, but it does very little to prevent future infestations. A professional approach guarantees future security of your home or vehicle against the same type of pest infestation. That’s why a professional pest control company like Truly Nolen is your absolute best choice for ensuring your property remains rodent-free. Truly Nolen has more than 75 years of experience in dealing with various types of pests, so contact the company today by simply visiting Remember: professionals don’t only solve your problem, they give you future peace of mind as well!