Summer Trivia: Myths Surrounding Wasps

The problem with wasps is that they are far more aggressive and will attack with a lesser level of provocation compared to that of honey bees and bumblebees. Warm weather plays into their habits; wasps grow more quickly in warm weather, meaning they go through their generations more rapidly and the result is more wasps being produced in a given nest, leading to more wasps out hunting. This can be very problematic for humans and often calls for professional wasp control.

The Differences Between Wasps And Bees

The two main differences between wasps and bees have to do with their aggression levels and diet. Yellow jackets feed their young meat, such as captured insects. Bumblebees and honeybees feed their young a combination of pollen and nectar. Bumblebees, in particular, are generally docile because they have smaller nests. They are less aggressive because every worker they lose is a significant loss to that a small nest size.

Wasps don’t suffer from the same cautious approach to interacting with humans. They are natural predators and have nests in the hundreds – potentially thousands of individuals. This makes them more inclined to fight at a much lesser level of provocation. This is also a huge reason why you might be needing professional wasp control this summer.

Important Wasp Facts

Contrary to popular belief, wasps perform a valuable service to humans. People would be up to their ears in bugs without wasps that act as their natural predators. For the most part, they are helping to maintain a reasonable level of insects in ecosystems. Here are some important wasp facts:

• Dead wasps produce a pheromone that makes other wasps more aggressive, so try not to kill one near other wasps or near the nest
• The pain from a wasp sting should wear off in about 24 hours, but may also cause anaphylactic shock to a small number of individuals
• An ordinary sting can be treated with deodorant containing aluminum

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