The Good and The Bad of Spiders In Your Home

If you enjoy a clean home, the thought of spiders moving in could make you very uncomfortable. Despite your best efforts, it’s impossible to completely eliminate the spiders from your living environment. Though you might want the spiders completely gone from your home, they serve a valuable purpose that you may not be aware of. As with all other animals and insects, spiders have an important role in the ecosystem. This article explains why there are pros and cons to spiders in your home.

Why You May Want Spiders out of Your Home

Though most of the spiders you will find in your home do not pose a threat to your health or the health of your family, they still make most people feel uneasy when they find them in their house. There are a couple of reasons why you might want to keep the spiders away from your home:

  • Most people feel frightened when they see spiders.
  • No matter how hard you try to keep your home clean, having spiders and spider webs all over the place will give your home a messy look.
  • Most spiders have venom, but very few spiders in Ontario are harmful to people. While spiders rarely bite people, nasty reaction from a bite remains a possibility and a risk that should be considered.

Why You Might Regret Killing Spiders

Spiders exist in this world for a reason as they have an important role to play in the ecosystem. Spiders feed mainly on insects, helping to control the insect population. Having spiders around your home will mean less flying insects that will annoy you during times when you want to rest. Contrary to popular belief, not all spiders are carnivores. Some also feed on fruits, transferring pollen from one plant to another in the process. While there are even spiders who are cannibals, they inhabit places with no other food sources than their own species). Without these spiders, it would be hard to grow healthy trees and crops.

All things considered, perhaps you shouldn’t aim for eradicating the entire spider population on your property. But, how can you tell when your spider problem is turning into an infestation?

Truly Nolen Canada Helps Control the Spider Population

It takes an expert’s eye to assess the severity of a spider infestation. In many cases, preventive spider control measures are sufficient to reduce the population without causing other insects to overpopulate. In more extreme cases though, a professional pest removal company will use a more aggressive approach to remove the spiders. Can you tell the difference on your own? Chances are you can’t, which is why we recommend contacting an expert. Truly Nolen’s technicians will examine the spiders in your home, detecting different species and spots they choose to nest in. Based on this, they’ll be able to tell you if some cleanup and prevention will be enough, or if they should eliminate the spiders with safe chemicals. Allow us to help you solve this issue quickly and efficiently.