The Importance of Addressing Bed Bug Infestations Early

Did you know…?

• That bed bug control should be one of the measures you always have in place
• That bed bugs breed quicker than you would expect
• Early stages of invasion are extremely hard to detect
• In 6 months’ time, your entire home could already be infested
• Getting rid of bed bugs is an ongoing effort and must be addressed

Did you also know that Truly Nolen can prevent all this for you and is just one phone call away?

Here are some interesting facts you may not have known about Bed Bugs:

• Itching can still be a reaction from a bite up to 14 days old
• As long as there is a food source (human blood) in the house, bed bugs have a purpose to live
• Even the cleanest house can be the perfect environment
• Bed bugs are carried on clothes and many other household objects
• They will not necessarily disappear after the first removal attempt

Keep in mind that bed bugs could be in the home undetected for several months, even a small population in the home can grow very quick. This is a strong reason to have regular checks done, and the best way to ensure proper use of bed bug control is having a specialist visit your home. As the saying goes: “It’s better to prevent than to cure”.

What You Need Expert Help With Bed Bug Infestations

If you’re suspecting that there are bed bugs in your home, get Truly Nolen technicians to inspect your home as soon as possible. Since bed bugs are highly adaptable, common and home-made solutions won’t help with the infestations. While you’re trying to cope with the infestation by yourself, the bugs will multiply in numbers, do further damage to your home, and become resistant to the chemicals you’re using on the go. Don’t try to get rid of bed bugs on your own, because you’ll be making the situation worse. Instead, call a team of professionals from Truly Nolen to:

• Diagnose the infestation and look into the location and numbers of the bugs.
• Assess the damage the bugs did so far.
• Plan the removal process and determine the right methods and strategies for exterminating the bugs.
• Determine the weak spots in your home the bugs used to get inside.
• Suggest repairs and adjustments prevent bugs from coming back.

Keep in mind that a bug control intervention might take several visits, and the entire process of bug removal could last longer, but it is the only effective way to confront the issues with your house and get it back to it’s the best shape.

Avoid Discomfort, Call the Professionals

Thinking about all the uncomfortable situations these tiny creatures might put you through, bed bug control needs to be implemented in each household. If, nonetheless, you’re being caught by surprise, keep an emergency phone number in sight and let Truly Nolen take care of this! The highly trained technicians at Truly Nolen will prepare the infested area in your home for treatment. Their bed bug control program features a patent-pending high pressure misting system which gets control material into every crack, seam and hole where the bed bugs hide. Every product that Truly Nolen uses are registered with Health Canada ensuring they meet all standards for health and environmental safety.