The Most Dangerous Spiders In Canada

Most spiders found throughout Canada are relatively harmless and will stay away from humans as best they can. There are several dangerous species that still manage to make their way into the country, usually by hitching a ride on shipments of fruit originating in the tropics. When looking to ensure your well-being and safety are not compromised during the summertime, it is important to be well informed about some of the more problematic spiders. Outdoor spider control is essential in the warm summer months, so keep reading to learn what you need to watch out for.

Dangerous Spiders Found In Canada

There are a number of spiders Canadians should know about that are venomous. Outdoor spider control is best done with professional help, so consider calling Truly Nolen if you encounter any of the following:

• Wolf spider
• Black widow spider
• Yellow sac spider
• Brown recluse spider

Wolf Spider

While generally harmless, a wolf spider looks pretty frightening and is a species of spider native to Canada. Found across the country, there are many varieties of the wolf spider and the reason for the unusual name is because of the way these spiders hunt. They run down their prey much like a wolf does and never use webs to lure it in. They usually only bite humans when threatened and the spider is not aggressive or dangerous. If bitten, expect to experience slight swelling and redness.

Black Widow Spider

While there are some varieties of the black widow spider that are native to Canada, they typically arrive in the country on grape shipments. Black widow spiders can be easily identified thanks to their black, round and shiny body that features a red hourglass-shaped marking on the abdomen. These spiders also will steer clear of humans and will not bite unless provoked. In fact, even if you get bitten there is a chance you will feel no symptoms at all as the spider may decide not inject its venom. A black widow bite which contains venom will cause muscle pain that will last up to several days. The bite is fatal only in rare circumstances.

Yellow Sac Spider

Often confused with brown recluse spiders, yellow sac spiders are native to parts of Central America, as well as Mexico and California. Like black widow spiders, yellow sac spiders often hitch rides in shipments of grapes headed for Canada. The symptoms of a yellow sac spider bite can linger for weeks even though the bite itself is not very painful. If bitten, you are likely to feel muscle pain, swelling and general pain from the bite- considered slightly worse than a wasp sting..

Brown Recluse Spider

Brown recluse spiders are typically one of the most frequent reasons why Canadian homeowners might need professional spider control outdoors. Brown recluse spiders are very secretive and shy; they prefer to stay in dark, undisturbed places and bites are very rare. Surprisingly, they do pack a particularly potent bite for their small size. Their venom is necrotic, which means it will cause a small amount of tissue to die near the bite mark. As a result, you will have a sore for weeks if you get bitten by one of these little guys.

Considering Professional Outdoor Spider Control Services? Contact Truly Nolen

Controlling spider populations in your home is something you can definitely try to do by yourself, but professional services in spider control are the absolute best solution for several reasons. Professionals like Truly Nolen have the experience, training, and tools that make it possible to solve an infestation problem quickly and reliably. Truly Nolen has been at the forefront of spider and pest control services for more than 75 years, servicing 150,000 homes annually. Call Truly Nolen today and ensure your home stays spider-free.