The Negative Impact That Bed Bugs Bring

The Negative Impact that Bed Bugs Bring

You don’t hear many people talking about how delighted they are to have found bed bugs in their home, do you? These blood-thirsty pests are usually bad news. And, to make things worse, they’re also incredibly difficult to remove. They breed quickly, hide in hard-to-reach places and some species are even becoming pesticide-resistant.

In today’s article, we’re going to look at some of the negative impacts of bed bugs inside your home. Although they won’t cause you physical pain beyond that of a typical mosquito bite, you might be surprised to discover just how disruptive they can be. Whatever the case, be sure to call Truly Nolen – the pest control experts – the second you suspect there are bed bugs inside your home.

A Worldwide Problem

Most people don’t know too much about bed bugs. For the majority of us, it isn’t a necessity until we wake up with small red marks on our skin. That lack of knowledge turns into ignorance when many people make it just a little too easy for bed bugs to thrive inside their home.

And, now that budget travel is cheaper than ever, more and more people are beginning to see the world. This means staying in new accommodation, traveling great distances, and potentially bringing bed bugs home with you. What should be a relatively easy problem to control is made much more difficult by large traveler numbers.

Most people will only suffer the discomfort of a small, raised, itchy red mark on their skin. For the unlucky minority, there can also be allergic reactions to bed bug bites. But apart from the physical effects, bed bugs can cause serious damage to the routine of your life too.

Since these nocturnal creatures attack at night, many people suffering from a bed bug infestation struggle to sleep. That lack of sleep has been known to lead to insomnia. Victims become less productive, are constantly tired, and their mental health suffers greatly. Afraid to invite family and friends over to their property, some people suffer from isolation and loneliness.

There’s a greater risk of bed bug infestations in lower-earning, higher density housing. Social inequalities and political tensions are heightened when bed bugs make living conditions unbearable.

Some people will also try to address a bed bug infestation with a D.I.Y. solution, or a cheap bed bug pesticide. These chemicals can be extremely dangerous and even toxic when used in high doses. As well as suffering from the bed bug infestation they’re struggling to remove, they could suffer an allergic reaction, respiratory problems, and poisoning as a result of cheap pesticides.

How to Stop Bed Bugs from Spreading

The next time you leave town, think carefully about how you can prevent bed bugs from spreading. Be sure to thoroughly inspect any new room you stay in. Bed bugs spread all the way from the bed to the drapes, from the sofas to the carpets.

Store your luggage on luggage holders above the floor. Don’t leave any of your clothing on the floor, and of course, have a close look at the corners of the mattress, the headboard, and the sheets before you use the bed.

Let Truly Nolen Deal With Your Bed Bug Woes

Don’t become part of a worldwide problem by putting it off: as soon as you suspect there are bed bugs inside your home, please get in touch with our Truly Nolen team. We’re able to quickly identify an infestation and tackle it effectively. Once we leave your property, you won’t have to worry about inadvertently spreading the bugs, or contributing to a worldwide problem.