Think Termites Go Away Come Winter? Think Again!

Termite-proofing your home this winter is something that you should consider because your home is the source of wood, the ideal meal for the termite. Although milder winters may come as a bit of a delight for us, the fact is that due to the increase in temperature, termites no longer have the need to burrow deep underground. They are now able to live closer to the surface during winter, and coupled with softer, damp wood, getting a meal and causing some structural damage to your home has never been more inviting. Softer wood and warmer temperatures have never been more inviting for termites, and since they are no longer dormant until the spring, they can cause your home some serious and costly structural damage.

Once you have discovered the destructive potential of a termite colony, pest control professionals will be your next step of action. The damage that these wood munchers cause may not always be openly exposed for the naked eye to see, that’s not to say they are not causing damage. The damage is usually done inside the walls and ceilings of your home, destroying your home from the inside out without you even knowing.

Protecting Your Home

Although not as active during the colder winter months, termites can still pose a real threat to your home during winter, and some necessary steps should be taken to help you avoid this unseen and costly damage.

  • Sealing all the gaps in the doors and windows, pipes, and utility boxes around your home are essential to keeping these little guys out
  • Ridding the exterior of your home of food that termites like, such as piles of wood and old debris, is going to create less of an attractive and food-rich place for them to make their home.
  • Remove and clear all shrubbery and trees branches that are making contact with your home, cutting back foliage and tree limbs, including those touching your rooftop
  • Insulating your external plumbing is another way to deter termite from nesting near a water source.
  • Check the roof for any gaps that could be inviting to termites. These should be sealed with an expandable foam or other sealants
  • Call your local pest control professionals

A colony of termites can eat around 5 grams of wood in a day, and although this may not sound like a lot, a few colonies can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your home in no time.

Protecting your home against an invasion of termites both inside and outside  needs to be done proactively and with due diligence. Truly Nolen’s professional pest control technicians are fully equipped and have been expertly trained to identify and eradicate and termite problems that you may be experiencing. Winter is no exception, as termites have proven this time and time again, making the lives of thousands of homeowners miserable and expensive.

It is advisable to get your home inspected before winter strikes, to make sure that you have done all that you can to prevent an attack of this nature. Our Truly Nolen professional will identify any possible entry points, applying the correct and proper materials to ensure that you and your home are fully protected. Pest control is Truly Nolen’s speciality, so why not take your peace of mind to the next level, and call a professionally trained and expertly equipped technician today.