Top Commercial Pests – Part 1

Commercial buildings are often a target of pests as they experience large amounts of people using them on a daily basis. Depending on the industry, commercial spaces can store large amounts of foods, which are attracting to a wide variety of pests. Businesses like restaurants and hotels often demand a higher level of protection against pests for this particular reason. Increased amounts of trash resulting from a high level of human traffic don’t help the pest problem either. Truly Nolen gives some professional pest control insight into the most common pests that target commercial areas and services we offer to remove them.

Pests That Are a Commercial Owner’s Worst Nightmare

Commercial property owners have a plate-full of risks to consider regarding pest prevention. Their struggles complicate further with the fact that each of the numerous species that target commercial buildings have their own living and mating cycles, which calls for a systematic, year-round approach to pest prevention. Here are some of the common pests that endanger commercial properties.

Birds – Carrying potentially contagious diseases and capable of damaging the structure of attics and roof linings, birds can be a major headache to a commercial owner.

Mice and Rats – With a large potential for passing bacterial and viral infections, rodents are one of the biggest threats due to their tendency to break into kitchens, pantries and other food storage locations, contaminating foods along the way. Rodents also damage the wooden and mortar structure of walls and attics. Truly Nolen’s Four-Seasons preventive plan is the only way to ensure no rodent will enter your building.

Bugs – Cockroaches, bed bugs, termites, and countless other bug species get drawn with the smell of food and trash. They also get passed by clients, employees, or animals that are circulating across the building.

Wasps – Though not a sanitary threat, wasps don’t belong in a business space. Similar to bugs, they also are also attracted by food sources, running water and trash. Commercial spaces must have a strict policy for controlling wasps, as having them around by the hundreds puts the daily visitors to the building at risk. People can be severely allergic to a wasps sting and this poses a potential liability for the buildings owner.

Flies and Mosquitoes – While flies get drawn with the smell of foods and sweet drinks, mosquitoes nest near sources of stale water. Needless to say, you don’t want either of these pests on your commercial property. Truly Nolen’s year-round pest prevention program also includes landscape modifications and maintenance strategies that will keep the flying insects away.

Need a Year-Round Pest Control Plan? Call Truly Nolen

As a commercial property owner, you must be dreading dozens of pests species on a mission to break into your building. Truly Nolen offers an individually tailored preventative pest control plan to keep your building safe and sanitary throughout the entire year. We offer a range of services, from completing a thorough inspection of your building and property, detecting any possible infestations and entry spots. We will then plan out interior and exterior preventive strategies against pests, giving you valuable information on the right actions and precautions to take against pests.

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