Top tips for preventing pest infestation.

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The best pest control method is prevention. Stopping the pests from even wanting to enter your home is the best way of reducing infestation. It’s important to keep pests in mind when looking around your house. Large infestations can be costly to fix. Take steps to secure your property and regularly check for points of entry.

Preventing pests outside

You can start prevention of pest infestation by reducing attractions on the outside of your home. Most of the time, pests are looking for a reliable food source. They will go anywhere in search of easy access to food. One of the most common sources of infestation is garbage. Although it’s a garbage area, it’s important to keep it clean. Spilled trash can make it simple for pests to have a snack. Rinse out food containers before throwing them away. Place food waste in a tightly sealed trash can. Keep the area tidy and pick up any spilled garbage.

Make sure to regularly check the outside of your home for small cracks or holes where pests can easily make their way into your house. During different weather conditions your home can change. Holes and crack can develop by extreme weather or not properly treated materials. Close all exterior openings and cracks with a good silicone caulk. Closing these holes is one of the best ways to prevent infestation.

Keep plants, trees and other vegetation trimmed and away from the side of the house. A lot of the time plants have seeds and other food items that make an easy snack for pests. Also, some pests might live in plants. This is alright, but it’s important to keep it away from the house. Properly trim plants and remove dead branches or leaves. Plants that are close to the house can be easy access points for pests especially insects.

Preventing pests inside your home.

When you’ve completed pest proofing the outside of your home there are a few steps you can take to properly control insect or rodents becoming a problem in your home. The kitchen is a prime location for pests to go. There’s plenty of food sources for them. Keep the area around the stove clean. While cooking, food can fall down the cracks. Regularly pull out appliances and give the area a proper clean. Store all your food in a resealable container. Especially things like nuts or grains. Repair any leaks under the sink. Keep the kitchen clean.

Ants and cockroaches like moisture. The bathroom is a common location for them to congregate. Make sure theres no leaks from sinks, toilets or shower heads. Seal any cracks right away. Keep the garbage tidy and closed. Don’t not put wet towels or toothbrushes in drawers and cabinets. These can attract insects.

Warm areas are other spots insects enjoy. Your living room has a lot of warm places such as behind the television or other electronics. The sofa is a popular place for snacking. Crumbs and other food items can easily fall between the cracks of the sofa. Keep these areas vacuumed. A fireplace can be another spot insects can hide. They stow away in firwood. Inspect freewood before bringing it into the house.

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Large pest infestations can cause significant damage to your home. It’s best to cut out problems as soon as you discover any hints of pests. If you find clues to pest living in your home make sure to contact Truly Nolen Pest Control.