Toronto Pest Control: 5 Tips to Keep Rats Away

Toronto Pest Control Tips to Keep Rats Away

It is no wonder that rats are often the subject of calls for pest control in Toronto. They spread disease and cause destruction to property. Rats in your yard eventually make their way into your home. By being proactive about keeping them off your property in the first place, you could avoid the need for rat removal completely. Here are some tips for deterring rats from your yard.

1. Remove or Cover Sources of Water

Like other animals, rats need water to live. When they are looking for a new home, a constant water source may be even more attractive to them than food. Therefore, you should check for sources of water around your yard so you can make them inaccessible to rats. This means repairing any leaks at outdoor faucets or irrigation lines or removing water bowls for pets.

There may be some sources of water in your yard that you cannot remove, such as a swimming pool. Sources such as these should be covered when not in use. The mere presence of chlorine in the water is not enough to deter rats from drinking it.

2. Keep Your Yard Neat

Prey animals such as rats do not like to be out in the open because it makes them vulnerable to predators. They prefer places where they can hide, such as woodpiles and dense shrubbery. You can keep them from being attracted to your yard by clearing away any clutter and debris and keeping shrubs and plants well-trimmed.

3. Seal Off Storage Shelters

It is not only your house that you have to worry about keeping rats out of but also any outbuildings that you use for storage, such as sheds. Because storage buildings typically do not have people coming in and out of them all the time, rats may consider them peaceful, quiet shelters. They also tend to be less solidly made than homes, making them easier for rats to get into. If you find holes in your shed, you should repair them with heavy welded wire, concrete, metal flashing, or other durable materials that rats cannot chew through.

4. Practice Good Sanitation Habits

Rats are scavengers that don’t mind feeding on scraps that people and other animals leave behind. They are omnivores that can eat almost anything, and they can’t afford to be too picky. You can keep them out of your yard by cleaning up potential food sources:

  • Nuts that fall from trees
  • Unharvested vegetables from your garden
  • Birdfeeders
  • Barbecue grills

Rats frequently eat out of the garbage, so if you have trash containers outside, keep them well covered. Rats will happily eat your pet’s food, so don’t leave it outside. Rats are also attracted to pet waste, and leaving it outside is generally unsanitary, so clean it up frequently.

5. Be Aware of Attractive Plants on Your Property

While rats don’t mind eating garbage, they prefer fresh food if they can get it, such as fruit and nuts. If you have fruit- or nut-bearing trees on your property, such as walnuts or peaches, you need to pick these as soon as possible and clean up any that fall. If you do not already have trees such as these on your property, you may want to reconsider planting them.

Conversely, some garden plants may actually repel rats. These include herbs such as rosemary and oregano and members of the mint family. They may not be enough to deter rats on their own, but they can reinforce your efforts.

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Rats adapt quickly to new situations and can foil your efforts to deter them from your property. We understand that this situation can be frustrating, which is why we offer rodent removal in Toronto using safe, effective methods. Learn more about how we get rid of rats and other rodents.