Travelling This Winter? Keep Those Bed Bugs Away

Travelling This Winter? Keep Those Bed Bugs Away

Winter isn’t all doom and gloom. For those of you looking to get through the colder months as quick as possible, it’s likely that you’ll be looking to escape on a holiday. And we don’t blame you – it’s a popular time of year for travelling.

Sure, you’ll be excited to pack for your trip and purchase new holiday clothes. But before you leave, it’s essential that you think about any possible interactions with bed bugs. If you don’t take the necessary precautions, then it could be an unforgettable holiday for all the wrong reasons. What’s worse – you could end up helping to infest your own home with bed bugs. Here are some tips to reduce the chances of encountering bed bugs while traveling this winter.

Before You Start Packing

When did you last use that suitcase? And did you visit a hotel or motel that time too? Make sure to give it a quick inspection before you pile it full with your holiday essentials. Make sure to check the cracks and corners, where bed bugs are likely to be hiding. Even if they haven’t spread to the rest of your home or clothing, bed bugs could still be surviving in the dark confines of your empty suitcase.

On Arrival

So you’ve arrived at your new vacation home! But before you make the most of the amazing beaches and happy-hour cocktails, complete a thorough check of your room. This is very important – even on the first interaction with your belongings bed bugs can become an issue.

Previous guests may have left behind an unwanted pest control gift. Especially in larger hotels, these infestations can be difficult for hotel staff to spot straight away, so it’s worth doing your own check. Before you unpack, check the curtains, headboard and the cushions on chairs and sofas. Yes, they’re called bed bugs but they spread to an awful lot of other places too.

After that, pull back the bedsheets and check the corners of the mattress. Take particular care to check the seams and any springs. You’re looking for any cluster of dark spots or bed bug skins. If you’re satisfied that there are no bed bugs in the room, it’s still a good idea to store your luggage on the luggage rack. Bed bugs may be expert hitchhikers, but they can’t jump and will struggle to climb up the luggage rack.

If You Discover Bed Bugs

So it probably isn’t the start of your holiday you were looking for! But you may have discovered a bed bug infestation in your new room. Remove all of your luggage and let hotel staff know straight away. Request a new room, but make sure that it’s a room in a completely different location in the hotel. Bed bugs may have already hitchhiked to other nearby rooms in housekeeping carts.

When You Head Home

Hopefully, you haven’t found any bed bugs and you’ve been able to enjoy the nice, relaxing winter holiday that you deserved. But just because you didn’t see any bed bugs it doesn’t mean that they haven’t followed you home!

Be sure to check your suitcase and its belongings before you bring the problem indoors. Wash and dry (on a warm cycle) all of the clothing you took away with you. Thoroughly inspect your suitcase before storing it away. Steaming your luggage with a hand steamer is also an effective way to prove your items before storing them until the next trip.

If you return home to find a bed bug infestation in your home, then please don’t hesitate to call our talented Truly Nolen team.