Treating Bed Bugs in the Workplace

Working in an area that has been infested by bed bugs carries the risk that you may be bringing them home with you after a long day. The bed bug population in the Niagara region is reportedly on the rise over the past number of years, and stopping their spread is easier said than done. It takes dedication and commitment to stop their spread, and if you happen to work in an infested environment, then extra precautions and best practices are essential for you.

Here are some simple things that you can do to prevent bed bugs from entering your home after working in an environment infested by them.

Work Clothing

Clothing that you wear to work should be made from a material that can handle being put through the hot dryer on a daily basis, including your coat, gloves, and scarf. Wearing light-coloured clothing while working in this environment will help you to spot any bed bugs that are trying to hitch a ride to your place. Pants without cuffs and shoes that are smooth do not allow any hiding places for bed bugs, making it easier not to take them with you when you go. Your coat or jacket should be hung on a wire hanger far away from the threat of invasion. Somewhere like the shower curtain rail where it can make contact with nothing else.

Equipment Used

Sitting is almost a no go, and if you must, a hard kitchen chair is best. Avoid sitting on the beds or sofa at all costs. The less that you carry with you the better, as the more stuff you have, the more opportunity the bed bugs have to catch a ride.  Do not put your bags on the floor, and if you must, place a barrier between them and the floor. Preferably something lighter in colour and with a smooth surface. Bed bugs find it difficult to crawl along smooth surfaces.

Returning Home from Work

Having a set routine upon returning home from work is going to be the best prevention that you can have from them entering and taking over your home. Any clothing that is worn while working in an infested area is best removed before entering into yours. If you have a garage, remove your clothing there and place them in a sealed plastic bag before entering the house. If you do not have a garage, getting undressed in the bathtub is also effective, the light surface revealing any stowaways that are present. Your sealed bag of clothes, if they do not need to be washed, should be tossed directly in the drier, and allowed to dry at the hottest temperature they can handle for at least 30 minutes. This will kill any bed bugs that may have come home with you. This is a crucial step in stopping the spread of bed bugs.

Bed bugs are dependent on people for their transport and relocation to bloodier pastures, and without our help, they cannot survive. They breed extremely quickly and can reach critical mass in a matter of weeks, threatening your health and well-being, as well as your sanity. Bed bug concerns in Niagara are on the rise, and if you happen to be the unlucky recipient of an infestation, your Truly Nolen pest control professional technician is on-hand and ready to help. Our expert advice and decades of experience make us the ideal pest control candidates, getting the job done right, first time, every time.