Truly Nolen Pest Control Helps Protect Your Business

Truly Nolen Pest Control Helps Protect Your Business

A big part of running a business is ensuring the space is clean and healthy for customers, employees, and visitors. Businesses around the country need to address the problem of pest control by having a solid plan in place to prevent insects or rodents from setting up shop. An infestation could threaten the health of the business or even force it to close if it gets too bad. It could also lead to product loss and supply contamination. For commercial pest control best practices, Truly Nolen is here to help. Businesses can count on the team at Truly Nolen to offer personalized and effective service that keeps staff and customers protected.

Keep Pests Out of Your Business

Pest control in a business starts with effective preventative strategies. These tactics should be part of the standard daily routine and operations of the company. Staff members and managers need to be committed to following the procedures to keep pests away. Preventing pests starts with a focus on cleanliness and effective sanitation practices. There should be a comprehensive training program in place that teaches employees about proper cleaning, pest control practices and sanitation.

Businesses should have procedures in place for taking out the garbage and recycling. There should be a clean, clutter-free area around the dumpster or waste cans to avoid attracting rodents and insects. Additionally, companies should have plenty of cleaning supplies on hand, such as commercial disinfectants. These cleaning products should be applied to surfaces frequently. Employees should also be regularly washing their hands throughout their shifts to avoid cross-contamination.

Three-Zone Commercial Pest Control

After adding preventative tactics to keep pests away to the standard operations of the business, company leaders should also employ a pest control contractor, like Truly Nolen, to continue efforts to be free of pests. Here, there is a three-zone commercial pest control framework that provides complete coverage for a business:

  • Red Zone: Red zone areas are spots where customers or the general public may be. Pest control products and services here are discreet but powerful. These are spots like lobbies, dining rooms, entryways, public bathrooms, hotel rooms and other high-traffic areas.
  • Yellow Zone: The yellow zone areas may be hot spots for potential pests, so more aggressive strategies may work. These places could be storage areas, kitchens, locker rooms, employee bathrooms, utility rooms, staff lounges or employee dining rooms.
  • Green Zone: The exterior of any business is another prime region for possible rodent or insect activity. Treating this area may help keep pests from entering the interior spots of a business. This area may include loading docks, parking lots, dumpster areas, patios, porches, landscaped areas and the building’s perimeter.

Customized Service

Pest control services should be a customized, personalized approach, depending on the nature of the business and its individual needs. Expert commercial providers, like Truly Nolen, have the knowledge and experience to make specific recommendations based on the individual company and its risk.

To start, businesses that serve food and those that don’t may need different plans for pest control. Restaurants may need high-level service to keep one of the most common pests away, the German cockroach. Other, non-restaurant organizations, may need more of a focus on preventing insects like ants and spiders.

Customized service also addresses the specific geographical region and challenges with pests in the area. After an inspection, businesses get recommendations for preventing pests such as rodents, bees, birds, mosquitoes, flies or fleas and ticks.

Truly Nolen Pest Control is dedicated to being a partner to your company when it comes to pest control services. Help customers and visitors to your business feel safe and comfortable when it comes to your company. Learn more about our pest control plans for businesses today.