Truly Nolen’s Bed Bug Control Solution

Peak bed bug season is between June and October. That is when the insects reproduce fastest because that is when Canadian weather is the warmest. Bed bugs are extremely good hitchhikers that can easily be transported when hiding in:

• Folded clothes
• Luggage
• Furniture
• Bedding
• Boxes
• Discarded electronics
• Discarded furniture

Truly Nolen should be your first choice if you are considering professional pest control services due to a bed bug problem in your home. Keep reading to learn why Truly Nolen’s bed bug control solution is so good.

What Is The Company’s Bed Bug Control Program?

A bed bug infestation can be both extremely messy and incredibly difficult to notice. The best and safest way to adequately determine whether or not you have a bed bug infestation on your hands is to have a Truly Nolen technician perform a thorough inspection.

Every pest control company has their own way of dealing with a bedbug infestation. What sets Truly Nolen apart from the rest is its unique approach. Truly Nolen uses a patent-pending high-pressure misting system unlike anything else in the pest control industry. This system effectively pushes control material into voids, cracks, and seams where bedbugs find shelter.

Every single product that Truly Nolen uses for pest control is registered with Health Canada. This ensures that Truly Nolen only uses products that meet the nation’s high standards for environmental and health safety.

Why Opt For Truly Nolen Over The Competition?

Truly Nolen is among the largest family-owned pest control companies in North America. It has a long history that goes back more than 75 years. During that time, it has managed to position itself as a pioneer of environmentally-safe and in-house developed techniques and methods for pest control. Truly Nolen has become a household name because of its reliability and effectiveness when it comes to helping residential, commercial and industrial clients alike to be free from pest infestations on their properties.

Truly Nolen has an A+ team of professionals with experience and expert training that are capable of tackling any infestations and pest control interventions that may arise. The company services more than 150,000 clients every year and employs around 1,100 partners, which says plenty about the company’s success rate and what it means to be a part of the Truly Nolen community. Call Truly Nolen today and ensure your home and property are safe and pest-free once again.