Truly Nolen’s Cockroach Control Solution

Cockroaches are among the most troublesome insect pests in your home. They are resilient, adaptable and notoriously difficult to kill, which is why professional services such as those available at Truly Nolen are ideal for taking care of your cockroach problem. Truly Nolen is a company that has decades of experience in helping residential, commercial and industrial clients be free from pesky roaches, so keep reading or visit to learn what it is that makes Truly Nolen so successful.

What Are Some Of The Biggest Hazards When Dealing With Roaches?

The biggest problem when faced with a cockroach infestation in your home or business establishment is the fact that roaches ingest pathogenic agents and bacteria in order to be able to digest food. Roaches are a major vector of salmonella as a result. Salmonella is a bacterium that can lead to diarrhea, dysentery and food poisoning. Health hazards are the single biggest threat to humans who are experiencing a cockroach infestation. These pathogens are most often transmitted to humans through contaminated food, utensils and surfaces, which is why professional cockroach control services are essential.

What Does Truly Nolen’s Cockroach Control Solution Consist Of?

Truly Nolen is a company that has years of experience when it comes to various pests, including cockroaches. Truly Nolen’s cockroach control solution includes several stages that ensure cockroaches will never set foot inside your home again. These stages are:

• Inspection
• Mechanical nest removal
• Material application
• Exclusion
• Sanitation


A Truly Nolen technician is aware that cockroach infestations can happen in any location. That is why he will scan a predetermined pattern for obvious signs of infestation, harborages as well as conditions conducive to cockroach infestations.

Mechanical Nest Removal

Your Truly Nolen technician will utilize a HEPA vacuum to get rid of nesting pockets that may be harboring both adult and immature roaches.

Material Application

In order to ensure long-term cockroach control, the Truly Nolen technician will apply a boron-based product to crevices and cracks. It results in creating a toxic food source by combining with environmental contaminants that are a natural roach food.


The technician will caulk all crevices and cracks used for roach harborage, including but not limited to the stove, sink and so on.


When it comes to effective cockroach control, sanitation is a crucial part of the equation. In order to better communicate with you, a Truly Nolen technician and inspector will routinely document and address sanitation issues via a sanitation report.

Need Help With Roach Infestations? Just Call Truly Nolen

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