Truly Nolen’s Spider Control Solution

Spiders do not have a habit of biting humans unless their webs or nests are disturbed. Humans are not the spiders’ food source as spiders primarily feed on other insects. The venom in spider bites is not normally fatal in humans. However, some individuals can have a mild or severe reaction when bitten because they may be hypersensitive. In either case, Truly Nolen is at your disposal if you are considering professional spider control services for your home or property.

Discovering A Spider Infestation In Your Home

The problem with spotting spiders in your home frequently and in large numbers is the fact that they are indicative of a more serious insect infestation in your residence. They will typically find shelter in undisturbed and well-protected areas of your home like under patio furniture, in bookcase voids, vaulted ceiling corners, in eaves and any other space they feel safe. Some prefer moist and dark areas, others are attracted to warm and dry areas. Their presence can be detected by visual inspection and they can be found in Canadian homes year-round.

Getting Rid Of Spiders The DIY Way

Protecting your home from other types of insects that are food for spiders is likely the best way of keeping spiders at bay. A spider infestation in your home can be prevented by following these tips for both indoor and outdoor areas.

Outdoor Prevention Tips

• Keep your garbage bins away from the home, they attract all sorts of insects a spider will prey upon
• Clear the area near the foundation of your home from vegetation, rotting leaves, and piles of wood
• Trim vegetation, bushes, and trees that you discover are touching the walls of your home
• Seal door frames, basement walls, window casings, doorways and all other exterior cracks
• Pay special attention to the eaves of the house when sweeping down webs you can see around your home

Indoor Prevention Tips

• Don’t leave food bowls out all day and keep pet food tightly covered
• Get into all the small crevices and cracks when vacuuming areas where spider webs and spiders are found throughout your home
• Remove stacks of toys and books, containers containing clutter, storage boxes, and piles of laundry inside your home

Truly Nolen’s Unique Spider Control Solution

Truly Nolen’s spider control solution is unique in that it is completely customized to each individual home and intervention. After performing a thorough and detailed inspection of your home to identify the type of spiders that you are having problems with, as well as their entry points and other factors, your Truly Nolen technician will compile all the information to create a unique plan of action and treatment to get all of the spiders out of your residence. Truly Nolen technicians are experienced and expertly trained, so do not hesitate to contact them if you are tired of seeing cobwebs and spiders in your home.