Understanding The Need for Year-Round Pest Control

Waterloo Rodent Removal- Why Should I Have Pest Control All Year

A common misconception about pests, such as rodents, is that the spring or fall is the only time that there is a threat to your home. On the contrary, many species are a threat to your residence year-round. It is accurate to observe a change in behaviour from season to season, but that change does not equate to less vigorous protection measures. Instead, all year long, homeowners should find solace with residential pest control services in Waterloo.

The purpose of a four-season pest control system is to ensure the safety and protection of your household. Those protections should include the highest quality materials and environmentally conscious removal methods.

A Proactive Approach

Regardless of the time of year, pests work tirelessly to find a safe place to sleep and eat. Unfortunately, your home often provides a suitable sanctuary for rodents and other species. The goal of a four-season program, then, is to make your residence less appealing and penetrable.

By using preventative measures, such as landscape trimming, a pest control company can limit the level of access to your home. This is because you may unintentionally provide a warm and inviting environment. However, that does not mean that a homeowner is without responsibility. Pet owners need to ensure they store animal food properly and do not leave open containers out overnight. They will also need to correct any vulnerable entry points to the property.

Beyond securing entry points, a pest control company will adjust their tactics based on the area’s pests. Every animal or insect acts differently, depending on the season, and the company you trust for four-season control will need intimate knowledge of such behaviours.

Intimate Knowledge

When considering a pest control service, think about the brand and its level of influence in the industry. You want to find a company with many ties to the pest control experts’ international network, especially in Canada. With such a large and diverse country, Canada’s wildlife populations are vast and varied. Any company working in the pest control industry will need to understand pests’ diversity to be of any real assistance to homeowners.

However, while understanding the enormity of wildlife populations is useful, a company must also understand the local pest population intimately and the seasonal changes of the area. Every species reacts to climate changes, and pests are no different.

Seasonal Measures

A knowledgeable pest control company, understanding the climate and pests of a region, can introduce effective control measures. These companies can reduce insect resistance over time through consistent and modern techniques, allowing the four-season approach to be measurably more effective.

During the year-round approach, each season will require a different tactic. The spring, which is a time of rebirth for plantings, is also a time of reproduction. Therefore, during the spring months, the pest control team will focus on the home’s exterior, using materials that reduce reproduction.

During the summer, pests move quickly and eat voraciously. To counter wildlife’s natural behaviour, a pest control team will focus treatments on areas where the pests live and eat, like landscaping and harborage.

The fall is a time for preparation. Young insects and rodents are helping to stockpile food for the winter months. It is during the winter that pests aggressively pursue indoor shelter and warmth. A pest control team will stop the intrusion by creating a barrier, including caulking around possible entry points.

During the winter, you are less likely to see insects and other pests because they are hiding and reserving energy in hopes of surviving to the thaw. During these cold months, pest control technicians focus on the home’s interior and eradicate any pests within the structure.

While it is true that pests are naturally more active in the spring and summer, they do not go away in the colder months. Protecting your home against all forms of wildlife is crucial to the integrity of the structure. Contact Truly Nolan Pest Control to discuss four-season treatment options and to schedule an assessment of your property.