Wasps in Summer: Avoid Stings with Nest Control

Though wasps feed on other insects and nectar, and don’t purposefully attack people, they’re still unsafe to have around. If you’re allergic to a wasps sting, having a nest on your property can be particularly dangerous. Wasps sting when feeling defensive and attacked, if you squeeze one by accident, it will sting. This could ruin your day and could put your children or pets at risk. Here are some wasps nest control tips from Truly Nolen.

Prevent Large Wasps Nests From Forming

To keep wasps from nesting in your property, there a couple of preventive measures to apply:

Secure places where wasps nest. Wasps prefer building nests in dark, shaded spaces. You could be surprised to discover a wasps nest underneath the railings and awnings, eaves and overhangs, as well as your play equipment. The tricky thing about these spots is that you could run into a nest while moving around or carrying larger items, which could provoke wasps to attack. To prevent this, shut and seal the areas you can. You’ll deter wasps from building nests if you apply herbal oil on high-risk areas.

  • Install a wasps nest doppelganger. Doppelgangers are inexpensive and effective in stopping wasps from forming a nest. Wasps are territorial in nature, they will not build their nest near another nest.
  • Apply natural deterrents. Wasps are sensitive to smell, spraying citronella oil, geranium, rosemary or mint will draw them away from your home. You can also hang fresh-cut herbs in the areas wasps usually nest. This will be useful in keeping them away.
  • As the adult wasps feed on fruit and nectar, they’ll also be drawn by the smell of leftover foods. Clear out the trash from your yard regularly, and remove leftover foods as soon as you’re done eating.

Is it Safe to Remove Wasps Nests on Your Own? Truly Nolen can help.

It’s not safe to knock down wasps nests and remove them on your own. You can do this if the nest is very small and easy to handle, as well as if the queen leaves a medium-sized nest. Larger-sized nests still require expert assistance. If you knock down a nest full of wasps, they’ll attack in defense of the nest and the queen.

Truly Nolen Canada advises careful approach to wasps nest and getting an expert pest control company to remove it in the safest way. After inspecting the property, our pest control technicians will diagnose the severity of the situation and come up with a strategy to remove the nests in the safest way. Safe wasps nest removal requires the pest control expert to wear protective clothing that covers their skin and protects the face from stinging. They’ll use a specialized tool to remove the nest and destroy it. Only an expert will be able to tell if the queen has left the nest and it’s safe to knock it down because they know the wasp’s daily habits and feeding routines. All things considered, getting professional pest control company for wasps nest control is the safest option.