Waterloo Pest Control: 4 Things Attracting Mice This Christmas

4 Things Attracting Mice This Christmas

You may have performed a thorough cleaning before Christmas and purchased extra airtight containers in which to store those cookies for Santa to decrease the chance that mice will appear seemingly out of nowhere as they often do. Mice can live in your walls, under your floorboards, and practically anywhere else in your home that there is a space for them to enter.

Consider the following four things that may be attracting mice to your home this Christmas season and do your best to create a pest-free zone in your house. If this seems impossible, or if your mouse numbers are already out of control, it’s likely not your fault. These mice are getting into your home somehow, and we can help you come up with a solution with pest and mice control in Waterloo. Until then, learn how you can prevent mice from enjoying your holiday season more than you do.

4 Things Attracting Mice Inside During the Holidays

If you’re panicking at the thought of mice being everywhere in your home due to an item you’ve unknowingly set out, don’t! Mice are very predictable creatures and can be prevented from ruining Christmas. Below are four things that attract mice inside during the holiday season.

 1. Sweets and Cookies

Mice are attracted to cookies, cakes, and anything sweet. You may have been careful not to leave treats out on the counter, but did you remember the edible decorations on your Christmas tree? Gingerbread men, candy canes, popcorn balls, and any food item will look delicious to hungry house mice this Christmas.

 2. Lights

Oddly enough, mice are attracted to Christmas lights. If you’ve strung lights around your tree or around the inside of your home in the midst of a mouse problem, reconsider now. Mice have to gnaw constantly as a form of dental control and they will chew through boxes, stockings, cushions, and cords. This unfortunate habit can lead to damaged belongings, and, in the case of wires, can even cause house fires.

 3. Leftovers

Mice eat everything. When they’re finished stealing the last candy cane from your tree, they’ll be happy to dig into that leftover turkey, sweet potato casserole, and any number of scraps that have fallen to the floor. Be sure to store food in airtight containers if they’re not immediately going in the fridge.

 4. Presents, Wrapping Paper, and Stockings

Mice don’t eat wrapping paper, right? They don’t — but they may see the fluffy tissue paper and warm stockings hanging over the fireplace as an open-door invitation to take up residence in your living room. Take care not to leave out piles of paper or blankets if you’ve noticed mice hanging around indoors.

How To Prevent Mice Infestation This Holiday Season

Put away leftover food as soon as you are finished eating, don’t leave cookies and sweets sitting around on platters, and exercise caution when it comes to putting up lights and food-inspired decorations. You can do some quick cleanup and prevention to make sure that your resident mouse population does not get out of control, but it may be impossible to eradicate them entirely. For serious mouse problems, it’s time to call in a professional pest control company to develop a mouse-free plan that will last throughout the winter season.

Get In Touch for Pest and Mice Control in Waterloo

Though mice may look cute and cuddly, resist the urge to pick them up or keep them. These are wild creatures, not pets, and they will not hesitate to bite you when they feel threatened. Get in touch with us if you have more questions about keeping these unwanted guests away from your home this Christmas. Schedule your Truly Nolen inspection today!