5 Ways To Keep the Doors Closed on Restaurant Rats

Guelph Pest Removal- Keeping Rats out of Your Restaurant

You don’t need to have bats in your attic to know that rats aren’t good for your restaurant. As germ carriers and constant eaters, they can really take a bite out of your bottom line. Even worse, if a customer or inspector spots the signs of a rodent infestation, it may spell doom for your business! Pest control is always a big issue, and at Truly Nolen Pest Control, we understand the importance of rodent removal in Guelph, Ontario. Here are a few tips you can use to keep those worm-tailed troublemakers in the alleys where they belong.

Problems of Unusual Size

Rats can cause much bigger problems than voraciously eating your product; finding it is easy by the way thanks to their keen sense of smell. They also find wiring, wood and even plaster quite appetizing, causing expensive damage to kitchen equipment and the overall structure. The idea that rats are cleaner now than in the past is a myth, and running rodents spread droppings and disease wherever they go. Because a restaurant essentially supplies everything a rat needs, namely food, water and shelter, they are the perfect places to start breeding. Left too long, the problems will only compound as the nest becomes more populated by the day.

A Better Rat Trap

When faced with rodent removal in Guelph, the best offence is a strong defence. Keeping them out is a lot easier than showing them the door, especially since they know of so many better ways to get back inside. That being said, there are quite a few steps you can take to make your business more secure.

  1. Keep Trash Away: One person’s trash is another’s treasure, and this holds true for rats, too. Make sure cans, dumpsters and other receptacles are securely fastened when not in use to help keep those critters outside. Moving garbage bins away from doors and windows is also an excellent idea since it makes those entryways that much for difficult for rats and mice to sneak through.
  2. No Admittance: Rats can’t get in a door if it’s closed. The cost of propping back doors for easy exit or opening screenless windows for a cool breeze is the equivalent of a welcome sign, making rodent removal at Guelph restaurants even more difficult. Add screens to doors and windows so they can be opened without worry, and having them be self-closing ensure they won’t be lefty ajar accidentally.
  3. Cleanliness Is Next to Rat-lessness: Make sure that surfaces are cleaned on a regular basis, especially of food and standing water. Check out cracks and spaces between and behind appliances for stray crumbs that will attract rodents and other vermin. While it may seem impossible to ensure all sources of food and water are secured, making sure that everything is in its proper place before closing for the night is a must.
  4. Declutter Inside and Out: No one likes to cook or eat in a restaurant jam-packed with boxes, or even approach a building with towering overgrowth on the landscape — except rodents. A cluttered restaurant provides more spaces for rats to hide, and the extra material lying around can be used for nests with little notice from staff. Weeds also provide cover for their entrance and egress, so keeping the building looking great both inside and out will keep their secretive shenanigans to a minimum.
  5. Check for Telltale Signs: While they may go unnoticed at first, rats and other rodents will eventually leave some evidence of their midnight mischief. These include rat droppings, shredded paper or cloth, bite marks or holes in food and packaging, and even tracks through dust and dirt will offer clues to their presence. 

If you do find evidence that there is an infestation, or even a lone rodent scouting out some new territory, don’t hesitate to contact Truly Nolen Pest Control. Call up our expert team to provide rodent removal Guelph, Ontario residents can truly count on!