What food attracts cockroaches?

They’re running up the walls. As soon as you turn on the light they scatter. Trying to get back to their hiding spot. Why are they here? Dirty dishes, stinky garbage, unswept floor. Oh, that’s why.



Cockroaches are attracted to the strong smell of rotting food.

Any food we regard as garbage a cockroach with eat. Untidy kitchens are a cockroach’s dream. Molding food on the floor. Old and expired snacks in the cupboard. Overflowing garbage. Human food is the main event. However, they’re compelled to pet food, bird feed and even cardboard.

Make sure to keep garbage spaces clean and clear of spillage. Ensure foods are tightly sealed in your cupboard. If you discover cockroaches in your snacks make sure to immediately throw it away. Cockroaches carry diseases.

They can survive up to three months without food.

Tidying areas is just the beginning. Cockroaches hide in damp, dark and wet places. They’ll begin to live in boxes, shelves or books to hide from predators such as humans. Anywhere to get away from you. This means their hideouts are usually in difficult to reach places. Leaky pipes are the perfect sources of water. They only need a few drops every once in awhile. Also, they don’t care if the water is clean or dirty. Always immediately repair dripping pipes under sinks.

How to prevent cockroach infestations.

Always start prevention by controlling the area outside. Make sure to seal gaps around doors and windows. Maintain all door and windows screens. Seal drain lines, vents and electrical wire holes. Make sure to keep a barrier against cockroaches. Keep plantation, firewood and mulch at least a foot away from your home.

Australian Cockroach

Signs of cockroaches.

– Actually seeing a cockroach. This is difficult because they’re nocturnal.
– Discovering roach feces. Resemble black pepper or coffee grounds.
– Finding oothecae or egg cases. Roaches are aggressive breeders.
– A pungent musty odour. It gets worse the longer the infestation.

Sudbury cockroach removal.

Cockroaches can be very sneaky. They crawl around at night. It can be easy to miss an infestation. However, they can get out of control really quickly. Cockroaches are one of the most difficult insects to get out of your home. If you spot any roaches contact Truly Nolen.