What Makes Truly Nolen The Commercial Pest Control Experts?

As pests and other critters seek shelter for the winter cold, commercial buildings and properties become all the more attractive due to their low occupancy at night, as well as the abundance of space and nesting materials available. This is where commercial pest control needs to step in and take the lead. Pests and other intruders have the ability to cause thousands of dollars in damage if left unchecked, damaging goods and property, not to mention the company’s hard-earned reputation.


Rats and mice are notorious for breeding heavily, and during the cold months of winter, they are looking to do just that. Entering commercial building through small holes and cracks, these rodents are in search of food and warmth, leaving their fecal matter and other excrement wherever they go. These pathogen carrying, disease-causing droppings can be detrimental to the health of staff, customers, and visitors. Truly Nolen has the professional insight and expertise to take care of any rodent problems.


Living mainly in the dark, cockroaches have the distinct advantage of not being noticed until their numbers seem out of control, thus indicating an infestation. Populations of hundred or even thousands are known for carrying diseases and other harmful bacteria, including E.coli and Salmonella. They can enter through the tiniest of spaces, and love wood or cardboard-type environments.

Truly Nolen’s Key to Success

Truly Nolen understands the sensitivity to a client’s customers and work schedule, and have thus made it their purpose to be as unobtrusive as possible during this time. Once a professional technician has arrived, a full and complete assessment of the area will be conducted, noting the findings and necessary treatments. Timely and routine callbacks are part of the service package offered by Truly Nolen, highlighting their priority of customer service and professionalism. Through our environmentally conscious approach, Truly Nolen only selects and uses materials that are appropriate to the client’s business environment, assigning a specific protocol to each of the three commercial zones.

The Truly Nolen 3-Zone Protocol

Red Zone: The Red zone signifies any location that is granted customer access, and is treated with a high level of discretion during application. These areas include entry areas and lobbies, elevators, corridors, restrooms, café and dining areas, receptions and waiting rooms.

Yellow Zone: Are interior points where an infestation is more likely, and proactive control efforts are necessary to be implemented. These areas include kitchen, staff cafeteria and food storage areas, employee lounges and utility areas, business offices, locker rooms, laundry services, and loading/receiving bays.

Green Zone: Green zones are the exterior areas of the business that could play host to conditions favorable to an infestation. These areas include Porches and pillars, patio benches, trash cans, building perimeter and vertical surfaces, structural pillars, and publication dispensers.

The importance of addressing infestations immediately cannot be overstated, and Truly Nolen has both the knowledge and expertise to ensure that your commercial pest control needs become a thing of the past.