What Pests to Look Out for This Summer

What Pests to Look Out for This Summer

Summer is nearly here and that means that insect infestations are just around the corner. Niagara is notorious for several creepy crawlers, particularly ants. Making sure your home is protected during the warmer summer months is essential to keeping your family healthy. Prevention is critical and equipping your home with the best defence possible is vital to pest control in Niagara. Here is a list of pests you are likely to come across this season. 


Mosquitoes are considered dangerous insects due to the diseases they transmit. Mosquitoes are found in abundance during the warmer months in Niagara, particularly around large pools of standing water. You can protect yourself from being bitten if you are vigilant and use several control techniques. Use bug repellant when you go outside and get rid of standing water around your property. By getting rid of their primary breeding ground, you may be able to break the reproduction cycle.  


Ants typically hibernate during the winter months, but they get to work during the hot summer months. Ants work throughout the day and night, constantly foraging for food and building up their food stockpile for the colder months. If you notice these pests in your home, they are likely searching for food or water sources. 

The best way to get rid of ants is to keep your property clean, particularly your home’s interior. These insects can detect food from many feet away, even if it is just crumbs. Also, be mindful of food and water bowls if you have pets. Ants are attracted to any source of food or liquid, even if it is meant for your dog or cat. 


Fleas come out in full force in summer and can be very irritating to pets. If your dog has not been treated for fleas by early summer, you will notice them scratching and biting their skin. Stop the infestation before it starts by treating your pets for pests such as fleas and ticks. There are many options available to prevent fleas. Many people choose to eliminate fleas by putting a medication-treated collar on their dog. Flea collars are inexpensive, effective and will provide your furry friends with the relief they need. 


Spring is when termites begin to swarm, but the warm summer months are when they reproduce and grow exponentially in number. The queen termite can lay up to 30,000 eggs daily and many of those eggs will survive to adulthood. If you suspect termite activity, you should take action immediately. Clean your property thoroughly and get rid of open food containers and unkempt storage areas.  

Termites do not usually carry diseases, but they consume a large amount of wood and can cause significant structural damage to your property. Once the colony has found a viable wood source on your property, it is tough to eliminate them. 


Bees typically come back in full force in Niagara in early June. Bees form their nests in attics and small crevices and nooks. These insects are not only irritating, but their stings can cause dangerous allergic reactions in some individuals. Be on the lookout for wasp activity early in the season, and take the proper precautions to eliminate them to keep your family safe. 

Work With a Pest Control in Niagara Expert

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