What are Some Common Fall Residential Pest Invaders?

What are Some Common Fall Residential Pest Invaders

An ideal fall for most Canadians includes apple cider, walks around trees with changing leaves, and cozy sweaters. For many Canadians, though, what they get instead is an autumn season full of creepy critters just itching to get into their homes.

As you make your preparations for this cooler season, keep an eye out for common pests you’re likely to find. If you realize you need residential pest control in Niagara, reach out to Truly Nolen for help.


Bedbugs make excellent hitchhikers. This allows them to spread easily. The journey from the hotel to your car to your home is a short one for them. When in your home, they’ll hide in the tiniest crevices and wait until you fall asleep before crawling up your bed. Due to their small nature and the fact that they can live for a long time without food, it can be difficult to realize their presence until you’ve been bitten but watch for dark brown, reddish spots or pinhead-sized eggs in your bedding.


Centipedes rank high on the “ick” factor for many people. However, their alien-like appearance with a multitude of long legs contradicts their helpful nature. They often seek out and prey on other insects or spiders that may have made their way inside your home. You’re likely to find them in dark, humid areas, such as basements, bathrooms, and closets.

Cluster Flies

Also referred to as “attic flies,” cluster fliers spend their fall seeking warm, dark places where they can safely hibernate. Often, this leads them to hide in places they won’t be disturbed, such as inside the walls of your home or attic. These flies are known to carry disease, so it’s essential to root out their home should you spot more than one at a time.


Despite their friendly reputation, ladybugs can swarm and infest in shockingly high numbers. You’ll often find them in elevated locations such as in attics or under shingles. Like other bugs, they are trying to find the best place to live through the periods of extreme cold that fall portends. Also, note that it’s best to avoid crushing them when you find them. If you forget and end up squishing one, the strong smell should serve as an immediate reminder of why to avoid this.


Humans hold an uneasy alliance with spiders. Yes, their presence often inspires fear and anxiety for us. However, they invoke the same response to bugs and insects, and it is far more likely that a pesky housefly becomes ensnared in a spider’s web than you will.

Fall, however, serves as many arachnid species’ mating season. This makes the presence of spiders very common during these cooler months. An effective way to keep them outside your home is to turn off your outside lights. As lights attract bugs, going dark cuts off a potential food source for spiders.

Preventing Infestations

The best treatment is typically prevention. With any of these creepy-crawlies, you can take steps to eliminate potential points of entry for these pests. Seal any cracks in your home’s exterior and make sure your window screens fit properly. Should you notice any spider webs as you’re checking this, make sure to remove them immediately.

Furthermore, clutter near your home, such as piles of leaves or opened boxes of gardening equipment, often serves as the launching point for any invasion. Reducing the number of safe harbours for pests makes it less likely they’ll consider your home their autumn hotel.

How Truly Nolen Can Help

If taking preventative steps didn’t stop your infestation, call Truly Nolen today. We can inspect your home, find entry points you may have missed, and develop a treatment schedule that consistently keeps pests away. We use pet- and child-safe methods to remove invaders while keeping your home safe.

Contact us today with any questions or connect with us online by scheduling an inspection.