What to Look for Before Hiring a Pest Control Team this Summer

When choosing a pest control company, you need to make sure they have your best interest in mind. Sadly, many unethical companies will overcharge you with unnecessary installations, repairs, and over-use of insecticides. The worst kind will even ensure future visits by purposefully making sure that the pests return to your home. Depending on the severity of your pest issues, the wrong pest control company could drain thousands of dollars from your bank account with ineffective work. Truly Nolen Canada guarantees to keep the client’s best interest in mind, which is why we recommend looking into the following when hiring a pest control company.

Background & Reviews

In the digital era, the easiest way to check the reliability of a pest control company is through online research. You should look for companies that aren’t secretive about relevant information, such as their business information, address, and owner’s identity. If you come across a website that offers only a phone number, move on. Reading online reviews is another good way to ensure you’ve got a reliable company. But, reviews can be false. Look for genuine customer reviews by people who live in your area and don’t hide behind unclear online pseudonyms. Word-of-mouth is possibly the best way to get a company with a good background. Contact someone who recently worked with pest control contractors and ask for recommendations.

License & Paperwork

Your pest control provider should be a registered company with credentials that confirm they’re qualified for a job. Not anyone who goes through a couple of YouTube tutorials can be a pest control technician. The profession requires education, training, and knowledge of the pest’s characeristics and lifecycle. It also requires an understanding of proper repairs, machine, and pesticide use. This is why you want only staff with certificates in pest control on your property. Make sure that the company has insurance for liability, and offers contracts that are clear, defining all the services, deadlines, fees and services. Shady contractors often don’t have any type of liability insurance and will offer unclear contracts that don’t define deadlines and the true amounts of services needed for your home. They’ll call on these bad contracts when they do bad work or don’t follow through with the schedule.

Safety & Sustainability

Truly Nolen cares about sustainable pest control, and so do many other ethical companies. Before deciding on a company to work with, do some research to learn if the methods and products they’ll use in your home are safe for people and the environment. Sustainable, safe, and biodegradable products aren’t much of a hassle to find and use, so there’s very little excuse for a company to use dangerous chemicals when they have a safer option available.

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Truly Nolen keeps your best interest in mind, offering clearly defined contracts that ensure the most cost-effective and successful pest control for your home. We’re also covered by insurance, and offer warranty for recurring infestations. With over 70 years of successful work, we can ensure your satisfaction.