Where do Pests Hide in Commercial Properties?

While pests can cause discomfort and disease in the home, they can also trigger various disruptions within commercial buildings and workplaces. The kinds of pests and problems they cause vary from building to building so any reliable pest control system must be tailored to the specific facility and its activities.

According to experts at Truly Nolen, these are some of the top access points targeted by pests and the problems that result from their presence:

Unwanted Visitors

If a commercial facility has lots of activity in terms of shipping and receiving, there is plenty of opportunity for bugs, bees, and rodents to sneak in undetected. Receiving areas are often targeted by pests, stowing away in containers and shipments. Dirt-free areas with good lighting that are kept free of clutter are less tempting for pests. Rats and cockroaches exploit disorderly areas and easily squeeze through doors that don’t seal properly. In addition to a reliable pest control program, door sweeps and good insulation can help deter such pesky visitors.

Kitchen or Lunch Room?

Most offices and other commercial facilities provide an area where their employees can prepare food and take a break. These are extremely inviting to small animals and insects, especially when suitable standards of hygiene are not being met. Any leftover food or garbage that hasn’t been properly disposed of is a haven for cockroaches, flies, rats and many other species of pest. These can be potentially damaging to both employees’ health and well-being, as well as the building’s structure. Areas should be kept clean and free of spills, while garbage bins must be properly sealed and emptied on a regular basis.

Storing Up Pest Problems

Industrial buildings dedicated to the storage of dry goods can provide a sanctuary for many pests who sneak in with deliveries and make themselves at home. These can result in extensive infestations that have far-reaching consequences. To avoid such problems, it is vital to ensure no damaged containers are admitted into the area as these can result in spillages or may have small holes that pests can access and start their reproductive processes. Airtight lids that seal correctly can help prevent such problems, as can a regularly reinforced and reliable pest control regime.

Hosting the Uninvited

Any commercial building dedicated to hospitality, such as hotels and restaurants, have a whole new range of problems when it comes to pests. From bed bugs to rodents, mosquitoes to flies, pests are off-putting to guests and can seriously damage a company’s reputation. Companies such as Truly Nolen offers reliable pest control schemes based on a 12-point plan that can prevent, control and eliminate such unpleasant problems, ensuring the comfort of both employees and guests alike.

If you are a business or commercial property owner, it’s in your best interests to maintain a vigilant approach to invasive pests. Not only does it ensure a good reputation, but it also means people are comfortable within that environment. While it is tempting to cut costs by implementing an independent approach to insects, rodents, and other pests, the cost of employing a professional and reliable pest control company is quickly offset by the benefits. As in many cases, being proactive is better than being reactive. Eliminating an established infestation can prove to be much more expensive than maintaining a year-round system of prevention.