Why ants love your kitchen.

Ants are always going to kitchen. I rarely see them anywhere else. They get in my food. They’re all over the floor. Just everywhere. Ants love kitchens. It’s like ant heaven.


Ants have a sweet tooth.

Well not really, but they’re mainly attracted to sweeter foods. Your kitchen is the optimal food source. There’s tons of different things they can find and mow down on. Even if you keep your kitchen clean there’s plenty of invitation for ants to infest the area. Basically they love the kitchen because it’s a regular food source. We keep fruits and vegetables on the counter. There can be small drops of debris on the floor. Usually our garbage with the most food scraps is below the sink. There’s just so much going on. It makes it the obvious choice for ant inhabitants.

How to get rid of kitchen ants.

      • First it’s important to identify the type of ant. This will help in finding proper strategies in removal.
      • Look for entry points. It’s important to start by finding where they’re coming in.
      • Search for nests. Ants could of already set up shop in your kitchen. It makes an easy trip to a reliable food source.
      • Clean the area you found ants. Start by scrubbing out their trail. It’ll prevent more from coming.
      • Start spraying visible ants with soap and water. This will repel them from going further into the kitchen.
      • There’s plenty of other home remedies to repel ants such as lemon juice, spices and herbs.
      • Seal entry ways. Make sure to fill in any hole you identified as possible entry points. Use caulk for the best results.
      • Kill remaining ants. Determine a bait that works for you. There’s plenty of commercial brands, but sometimes we don’t want poisons laying out in the kitchen.
      • If your ant problem continues make sure to contact a professional.

Goderich ant removal.

Bugs are always crawling into our homes. It’s difficult to control. No matter how clean we keep things it still happens. If this is a concern make sure to contact Truly Nolen Pest Control.