Why Fall Is the Season of Rodents

Why Fall Is the Season of Rodents

Rodents are aware of season changes like all mammals. When fall comes around, they prepare for the winter months by seeking safe and warm dwelling places. Homes often provide perfect places to nest because of insulation and heat. Cozy homes with food sources are an enticement for mice and rats to set up house and settle in for the cold weather ahead. We want homeowners to know more about seasonal rodent behaviour, and why rodent prevention at this time of year is a good idea for all households.

Why Rodents Are Active in Autumn

As the weather cools, mice and rats need to seek the best places to shelter. Fall is known as rodent season because this is the time of year that most households experience an increase in activity when rodents move indoors.

Houses are the best places for warmth, security and food, so when autumn arrives, rodents head inside homes that provide all the resources necessary for survival.

Why Rodents Are Not Good Houseguests

Rodents are often heard by homeowners as they scratch, chew, run and dig inside attics or walls. They can do serious damage to homes, especially if there is an infestation. They will often tear up insulation and other materials to make nests, and they tend to chew on wires to sharpen their teeth and will gnaw other materials, such as wood, plastic and even aluminum.

Rodent activities can be overwhelming and can result in thousands of dollars in expenses. They spend 3% of their time gnawing away inside your home, which depending on the size of an infestation, will lead to extensive problems over a winter season.

Rodents can also carry diseases, such as salmonella and hantavirus. It’s important to protect your health and get professional help to rid your home of infiltrations.

Why Seek Pest Control Specialists for Rodent Issues

Pest control specialists have the expert knowledge to assess rodent infestation issues. Rodent problems can present serious health risks and damages to a home. Here is why professional help is the best course of action for mice and rat control:

  • Rodent population growth: Once rodents enter your home, they tend to stay because of food availability. They multiply quickly, so controlling a smaller population is the best way to get it under control.
  • Inspections and identification: A trained technician can spot evidence of fecal droppings, nests and damage from chewing that are not readily seen by owners. They can also determine the size of the population and the scale of the problem. A comprehensive inspection is necessary to eliminate infestations and deter rodents from returning.
  • Effective control measures: Each home requires a different strategy to handle rodent issues based on how mice and rats enter and where they have spread throughout a home. These are important factors to know in order to employ proper elimination techniques.

Why Expert Prevention and Remediation Are Recommended

The best way to prevent ongoing rodent issues is to limit their access to shelter and prevent them from entering your home. Here are three important steps to mitigate their activity:

  1. Exclusion: Technicians will identify and seal areas in your home to make it rodent proof.
  2. Trapping: We will effectively place traps and routinely check them to remove rodents.
  3. Vector Control: We take pest control to the next step by using vector control to eliminate pests, such as fleas, that may come inside on rodents. This way, homes are not exposed to additional infestation concerns.

Why You Need the Best in Rodent Removal Services

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