Why Mice Love Canadian Homes

Why Mice Love Canadian Homes

You probably know that there are more and more rodent infestations homeowners are dealing with throughout Canada. On the other hand, there are also more and more startup pest control companies as well, which doesn’t make sense. If there are more pest control companies being founded, there should be less and less mice and rodent infestations. But, the opposite seems true. The most obvious reason for this is the fact that many pest control companies are not experts at what they do and don’t know how to effectively rid your home of pest infestations. Professional residential pest control services have become rare these days, so be sure to look for reputable companies like Truly Nolen.

Why Do Mice Love Canadian Homes So Much?

There are a number of reasons why mice infestations are on the rise throughout Canada. Residential pest control services are almost a given if your home has mice, so it is wise to understand what attracts them to your property. Here are some of the most common reasons:

• Suitable living conditions
• Plenty of readily available food sources
• No other reason to stay outdoors

Suitable Living Conditions

Interestingly, mice and humans almost share the exact same definition of good living conditions. Factors like warmth, moisture, coziness, plenty of space and food sources are all on people’s checklist of what makes a good home. Mice are no different when it comes to this, which is why it makes sense they are attracted to people’s homes. Again, professional services in residential pest control are crucial if you discover a mice infestation in your home.

Plenty Of Readily Available Food Sources

Another reason why mice have absolutely no issue moving in with you is they love food availability. All it takes is allowing crumbs to fall on the floor or leaving leftovers in the kitchen, and mice will readily come out to nibble on them. Additionally, these homes may also be infested by insects and bugs at the same time, and rodents can use these infestations as another source of food. Residential pest control services are a must in either case, so remember what to do if you notice rodents or other pests lurking around your home.

No Other Reason To Stay Outdoors

Mice have very little reason to stay outdoors when you consider the variable climate in Canada. During most of the year, rodents don’t have the ideal conditions to lurk outdoors. That is one of the main reasons why they prefer to start living inside people’s homes. The biggest problem when it comes to mice infestations is that they don’t need an invitation to use your home for shelter and food. A single opening, one-half inch in diameter, is all they need to invade your home and property.

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