Why Winter Pest Control is Important for Your Home and Property

Winter Pest Control

When winter finally arrives, pest control tends to be pretty low down on people’s priority list. First of all, you’ll be trying to stay warm and avoid the outdoors where possible. Winter sport returns, we book our summer vacations and the dreaded Christmas shopping will begin. While you’re likely to have other important priorities, making sure that your home is pest-proof even in winter is extremely important.

If you fail to prepare your home for winter, pests won’t exactly be forgiving. They’ll take the smallest opportunity you present to them and turn your winter joy into a pest control nightmare. In this article, we’re going to look at why you can’t let your guard down and how Truly Nolen’s Four Season’s Approach can help you stay one step ahead of pests, even in winter.

Why You Need To Stay Aware

Just about every type of pest behaves differently in each season. In spring they’re full of energy and very hungry, trying to establish nests and forage for as much food as possible. Come summertime they’re strong, growing in numbers and a constant nuisance to residents. When fall arrives, they’ll be at maximum capacity and preparing for the long winter ahead. In each season they’ll have different priorities and different habits. It’s important that they’re approached in the correct way.

Come winter, their sole priority will be to find warmth and shelter. That way they’ll have the best chance possible of surviving the sub-zero temperatures in winter. Stink bugs, spiders, rodents and ants can all cause serious problems to your home when the temperatures drop.

So What Do They Do?

Each pest can pose a different problem around your home. However, in general, they’ll all gain access to your home the same way: because you’ve failed to properly proof it. 

Rats and mice can squeeze through incredibly small holes and are expert climbers. Stink bugs will spend time on sunny walls and wait for their moment to sneak through windows and doors. Ants, cockroaches, and spiders will crawl through the tiniest cracks and crevices and can remain out of sight, but warm.

If you have any small repairs or holes which require attention, it’s a very good idea to fix them up before the temperatures drop. Ice and snow can make a small crack much worse, and even more, pests will take advantage. Pests are already capable of squeezing, wriggling and working their way through the tiniest access points – fail to deal with them properly and you’re just making things easier.

Once they’re inside, rodents, in particular, can cause extensive damage. They’ll damage the structure of your roof, build nests in attics and can even create fire hazards by chewing through an electrical wire. They’re also notoriously fast breeders, and a female rat can produce a litter of up to 8 baby rats in as little as 3 weeks.

Truly Nolen’s Four Season’s Approach

Luckily, the pest control experts at Truly Nolen know how to get your home ready for the winter ahead. We’ve dealt with pests in every season since 1938 and understand how their behaviour changes better than anybody else.

Over the years we’ve put extensive research into developing our Truly Nolen Four Season’s approach to pest control. This is our year-round solution to residential pest control and uses advanced techniques, high-quality materials, and proven methodology to make sure that you’re protected year-round. Our proactive program identifies the changes in pest behaviour and ensures that as well as removing any infestation, your home is protected for the seasons to follow.

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