Winter in Niagara Doesn’t Mean Bed Bugs Go Away

For many Canadians, winter is a time to look forward to. Cuddling in bed or snuggling up by the fire with your loved ones is the stuff that dreams are made of. As idyllic as that sounds, you should be aware of the real and present fact that you may not be as alone as you first thought. Yes, winter is a supposed time of fewer pests indoors due to their changing behaviour and hibernation patterns, but for a bed bug in Niagara however, the winter time is just a better opportunity to get close to you. When you think about it, bed bugs really have no reason to hibernate seeing as they share their residence in a climate controlled home, making them more comfortable than you could imagine. The constant room temperature present in a house or apartment makes for the ideal conditions for bed bugs to thrive in, and turning from a few into a full-blown infestation can happen in only a matter of weeks. Let’s take a closer look at some of the conditions that bed bugs enjoy, and how they are suited to living through the winter cuddled up right next to you.

Preferred Temperature

Bed bugs love more or less the same temperature range that we humans enjoy and tend to thrive around the places we like to live, even in the winter. Due to the fact that they do not hibernate during the winter, bed bugs stay active and reproduce during the winter months in your residence.


Diapause is a state of inactivity that occurs in insects, causing them to go dormant under certain conditions. These specific conditions include things such as temperature and the humidity of an area, proving to be a little too unpleasant for these pests.

Sub-Optimal Temperatures

Not only bed bugs, but many other insects are affected by the temperature that is below optimal. These sub-optimal temperatures are the cause for the slowing of reproduction, as well as the slowing down of an insect’s metabolic functioning. This helps them to conserve energy stores through the winter, allowing them to survive the cold temperatures. Bed bugs will not survive when exposed to sub-zero temperature for a period of four days or longer.

The bed bug found in Niagara is a tricky and troublesome pest that can be a pain in the neck to locate and remove. Just a single pregnant female left unnoticed can lead to an infestation of more than 300 adults and 1,000 fresh eggs in just a matter of three months.

Inspection and Treatment

Getting rid of a bed bug infestation is not the easiest task in the world, and is something that requires experience, professionalism, and expertise. Truly Nolen pest control professionals have just that. DIY remedies and over the counter solution often proven ineffective against a bed bug infestation, as knowing your enemy is half the battle.  

Control and Removal

Through the use of environmentally-conscious materials and patent-pending methods, Truly Nolen can guarantee a successful removal while educating you and your family about the best practices regarding bed bug detection and prevention methods.

Interrupting the breeding cycle and stopping the increasing size of an infestation is priority number one in order to gain the upper hand on any infestation. Your Niagara Truly Nolen bed bug professional is perfectly equipped and educated to make your bed bug issues a thing of the past, giving you and your family peace of mind, and a healthier, happier living environment. Instead of fighting the good fight for weeks on end, contact a Truly Nolen professional today, for a lasting change you will love.