Winter Pest Control: Keep Cockroaches Away

Cockroaches are one of the most resilient insects on the planet and have the potential to become a real problem for homeowners in Canada, especially during the colder winter months of the year. They do not die over the winter period, they simply move to warmer and more fruitful grounds, creating colonies and spreading diseases wherever they choose to go. This pest control problem in Canada can be a real nightmare for homeowners, and using a Truly Nolen pest control professional is going to be necessary to get on top of any cockroach infestation. Adaptable and resilient, cockroaches have proven themselves to be a formidable opponent, and recognizing the signs of an infestation are essential to getting the upper hand, and ridding yourself of these insects for good. Here are five interesting facts that will help you in your fight against the dreaded roach.

  • Cockroaches can reach speeds of up to 5km/h, making them difficult to trap or spot
  • It takes them just over a month to reach full maturity
  • They can survive for an entire month without food, and for a whole week without water
  • Cockroaches are able to survive underwater for a full 30 minutes
  • They can survive without a head, dying only from dehydration

It is easy to see why pest control professionals in Canada are needed for this type of infestation, as cockroaches can multiply without you even being aware of their presence. It is important as a homeowner to be vigilant about any tell-tale signs that you may have a cockroach infestation, and these are some of the things that you should be looking out for. A musty odour resonating from certain areas around the kitchen and bathroom, egg casings, cockroaches feces (resembling coffee grounds), cockroach skins that have been shed, and of course, actual cockroaches themselves. If you happen to see cockroaches running around your home, you may just have a bigger problem than you think, and you are going to need the best pest control Canada has to offer.

Preventative Tips and Measures You Can Take

Keeping cockroaches out of your home in the first instance is the best line of defence against any infestation. These simple tips will help your home become less inviting to cockroaches, saving you endless amounts of time and hassle.

  • Store your firewood at least 20-feet away from your home, making sure that the wood you do bring into your home is free from cockroaches.
  • Mulch and other garden refugees should also be kept away from your home, as they make the ideal nesting places for roaches and other winter pests invaders.
  • Be sure to dispose of and properly seal your garbage, especially discarded food items.
  • Keeping a clean and tidy kitchen is going to go a long way to keep cockroaches at bay.
  • Fixing any and all leaking pipes, as well as clearing and standing pools of water lying around your home.

Pest control in Canada is not something that has to be an every season affair and can be prevented by sticking to the above best practices. Cockroaches are exceptionally resilient pests and are difficult to get rid of once they have settled in. Truly Nolen is your best bet for eradication, and have the tried and tested methods and materials to make your roach problem a permanent thing of the past.