Winter Pests 101: Common Pests That Invade Your Home in the Winter

Believing that pests are only an issue during warmer months can cause many homeowners to let their guard down when the weather begins to cool. As the seasons change, Canadians from coast to coast are preparing their homes for the colder months but in most cases are ignoring the pests that are going to want to come inside.

Cracks in the foundation of our homes is a good place to start protecting our home from winter pests as cracks provide unwanted pests an easy way into your home. Filling these cracks will block them out when they start searching for warmth. Here are some of the common pests that are often found in homes during the cooler months:

House Mice

House Mouse
The house mouse is the most common encountered rodent in the United States and Canada. House mice can cause property damage by chewing through drywall and wires that can then spark an electrical fire. House mice are known to contaminate food and spread disease such as salmonella.

During the winter months mice will look for warmth and access to a food source, taking precautionary measures now will be helpful when the dead of winter hits. Since mice can fit through small openings, it is important to seal cracks with caulk or steel wool. A crack as small as a dime can be an easy target for mice to get through. Mice also look for clutter to hide in so it’s best to store boxes off the floor.


Cockroaches live in small areas that are often close to food and moisture. Cockroaches can hitchhike into our homes via grocery bags and boxes. In our homes, cockroaches seek refuge in bathrooms and kitchens. Vacuum your home often and keep counters and floors clean and free of crumbs. Cockroaches are often found under sinks and appliances so keep those areas especially clean.

Bed Bugs

During the winter months, many families will travel to visit relatives and in some cases, stay in hotels. Bed bugs are world-class hitchhikers that travel between locations on clothing, luggage, and purses. Bed bugs can be found in hotels, on airplanes, and many other places. Be vigilant when returning home from a trip about cleaning your clothes and luggage thoroughly.


Spiders prefer to spin webs in undistributed spaces such as attics, crawl spaces, and basements. The Brown Recluse spider is fairly common in Canada. They’re usually found near woodpiles and garages but during the colder months, will make their way into our homes. They can be found inside shoes, and clothing. Brown Recluse spiders usually only bite if they’re pressed against the skin. If you’re bit by these spiders, seek treatment immediately.

The winter months are a time of hibernation for a lot of animals and pests. For the ones that do not go into hibernation, they will be seeking a food source and a warm home. Keep your home safe during the cold months ahead by calling a Truly Nolen Canada exterminator to schedule an inspection.

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