Winter Pests that May Prompt You to Call Pest Control

With winter approaching and the temperature dropping, pests and other critters are starting to make their way indoors to avoid the cold, and hopefully, for them, survive the Canadian winter. With all the insects and bugs around in the summertime now looking for a winter hangout, your home is the ideal target with all the right amenities. Some food, water, and warmth are all these guys are after, looking to make a nest and start a little winter family. That is why pest control in Canada has become a more serious affair as of late. The icy cold Canadian winters are harsh and unforgiving, and not the type of weather that can be braved at any chance. The driving wind and snow, sleet, and ice are extreme enough to make insects and people go to the most drastic measures. That is why pest prevention and removal are of paramount importance, as you are likely to fall victim to these invaders at some time or another. Aside from the frosted winters, these are the top five winter home invading pests Canada has to offer.


Food and water is the greatest attraction to these disease-carrying vermin, and these needs are in no short supply over the winter holiday season. Spreading bacteria and responsible for the cause of allergies and asthma on set’s, cockroaches can wreak absolute havoc on your home.

Bed Bugs

Bedbugs absolutely love to cuddle in winter, and you can find them hiding out in the seams of your mattress, bedding, pillows, and headboard. Exceptionally unwelcome and notoriously hard to get rid of, bed bugs are fast becoming public enemy number one. They have the ability to multiply extremely quickly, and not a problem that you want to be a part of.


Spiders in your home are more than just a pest. They are indicators that your home may have more of an insect problem than you think. They are there for the food, and insects are just that. Now although the vast majority of spiders in Canada are not harmful to humans, there are a few species that could cause, especially a small child, some serious medical harm.


Rodents are some of the worst invaders to have in your space. Destroying your property while at the same time tainting our food supply and spreading their nasty disease wherever they go. Once they have established themselves at your residence they will multiply extremely quickly, compounding the damage that they are already causing. Pest control professionals across Canada all warn of the dangers to the property once rats and mice have entered the home, and getting rid of them is an absolute necessity.


Although they seem like more of a summer bug, flies enter your homes by way of fruit and vegetables, multiplying in number soon thereafter. Although this may not seem like too much of a concern, once the windows and doors of the house are shut for a while, you will soon begin to notice the steady and ever-present increase of flies. Vomiting on everything that they land on, flies are a hot spot for disease and the spread thereof, and a threat that should be taken a little more seriously.

Pest control in Canada is a job best left to the Truly Nolen pest control professionals, and our more than 80 years of unrivalled success speaks for itself. Truly Nolen’s unique approach to pest control ensures your problems are resolved, and assures that they are not going to be returning again any time soon, if at all.