Winter Spider Control Methods

With the winter temperatures touching ground in the North, insect activity outside declines, and our eight-legged friends are forced to look elsewhere for their meals. Looking for some food and water, and a warm place to call home for the winter, spiders are often making their homes in closets, basements, and even your bedroom. Now although the majority of spider species here in Canada are not harmful to humans, there are a small few that make the need for adequate and effective spider control a necessity. Especially if you have small children and pets.

The easiest and simplest way to keep your home free from spiders is to keep it clean. Searching for new sources of food, spiders are attracted to your home because of the possible abundance of food, not to mention the warmth factor. Spider are merely looking to survive through the cold winter months until their food sources return in abundance during the spring and summer. During winter, spiders hoard their food, wrap it in silk and preserve it for some time in the future.

Signs of spiders in your home may also be a sign of a more serious issue at hand, that being that your home may be more over-run with pests than you think. Seeking a steady food source, spiders flock to where they can get an easy meal or just a meal for means of survival. Their presence, however, may be an indicator that you are the victim of other pests seeking refuge from the cold. Hiding behind walls, baseboards, and in the attic and basement, cockroaches, silverfish, and centipedes make the perfect meal for spiders of any kind. Tucking themselves away unnoticed, the spider can be your ally in discovering a deeper rooted problem at hand.

Invasive Insects and Hidden Food Sources

Insects from the outside will try desperately during the winter to make their way into your home, seeking food and warmth to make it through the harsh winter cold. Entering through cracks and gaps in the exterior of your home, cluster flies, paper wasps, stink bugs, and lady beetles all make the ideal feast for spiders and can enter your home virtually unnoticed. An infestation from any of the following insects will surely attract more spiders into the home:

  • Drain flies that could be living and breeding in your basement floor drains
  • Moths that have made your old clothes and unused closet their home
  • Ants that may be living an breeding in old or damp wood around door and window frames

Effective spider control means effectively ridding your property of the pests that attracted them there in the first place, and getting in touch with your Truly Nolen pest control professional is the first step you should take.

The Truly Nolen Seasonal Approach to Pest Control

Truly Nolen’s Four Season Approach to pest control is an all-encompassing approach to any and all of your pest control needs. Eliminating and eradicating your insect issues from the source, your spider control concerns will surely become a thing of the past. Armed with expert knowledge and professional training in all fields of insect behaviour and control techniques, your Truly Nolen pest control professional has all of your bases covered. With the Four Season approach, pests are dealt with in a way that addresses their behaviour season-to-season, thus proactively addressing your problem now, and affecting it to your benefit in the future. Truly Nolen understands your need for adequate and effective spider control and had made it our mission to provide you with the best possible coverage you deserve.