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Grain Beetle Facts

  • 1.6mm in length.
  • Reddish brown in color.

Grain Beetles

The grain beetle can be found throughout the world, and it loves to attack many common types of food. Macaroni, sugar, biscuit mixes, rice and cereal frequently fall victim to the grain beetle. Homeowners commonly find grain beetles in locations where dry food is stored. Although diseases aren’t associated with grain beetles, nobody wants to eat cereal that has had grain beetles swimming in it. A grain beetle cannot eat through a hard seed of corn, but it loves attacking processed cereal.

What Are Grain Beetles?

Grain beetles have a reddish-brown, flattened body, and they’re usually about a tenth of an inch in length. On both sides of a grain beetle’s body or thorax, there are six projections that are shaped like the teeth of a saw. A grain beetle’s eggs are microscopic and colored white. The full-grown larvae are usually an eighth of an inch in length. Grain beetles are known to cause problems in commercial facilities and homes. A typical grain beetle is 2.5 up to 3 mm in length and can be identified by its flat body. The tiny projections on a grain beetle are always located behind its head. Although a magnifying glass is required to truly see what they look like, the tiny projections are what give the grain beetle its name.

Grain Beetle Infestation

There are many signs that a structure might be infested by grain beetles. Unfortunately, most homeowners discover an infestation when they find grain beetles inside of common pantry products. Grain beetles are also known to crawl along shelves and counters, so an infestation might also be discovered that way. Homeowners can usually discover an infestation on their own because grain beetles really only cause problems in pantries. If an infestation is discovered, it might be a good idea to hire a professional pest control expert.

How to Get Rid of Grain Beetles

Prevention is the best way for homeowners to get rid of grain beetles. A flashlight can be used to examine locations where food is stored. Food products that have been infested by grain beetles should be thrown out immediately. Many people forget to examine food immediately after purchase, and in some cases, grain beetles have already penetrated a product before homeowners get a chance to take it home. It’s not a good idea to use insecticides to get rid of grain beetles because of potential food contamination. Insecticides should always be supplementary to proper storage and sanitation.

Grain Beetle Health Concerns

Humans don’t have to worry about being bitten by grain beetles. However, due to the fact that grain beetles live in common food products, there are some health concerns. Grain beetles are not known to carry diseases, but all food products that have been infested by grain beetles should be thrown out. Most people will find grain beetles to be nothing more than annoying. If an infestation is discovered, it might be a good idea to contact professional pest control experts.

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