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Bee & Wasp Control

Year-Round Bee and Wasp Pest Control for Your Home or Business

Discovering a bee or wasp nest in and around your home or business can be a frightening experience, especially if someone is allergic. It’s important not to attempt to remove the nest yourself and rely on a professional to take on bee removal. Bees are essential and contribute to the food supply but can become a serious pest when they build up in populations. If you think that your home or business might have wasp or bee infestation it is important for us first to determine whether there are actually dealing with these pests by identifying their type. Truly Nolen Canada has the know-how and tools required to carefully and safely remove bees and wasps from your property. We use a Four Seasons approach that keeps pests away year-round.

Understanding Bee & Wasp Behaviours

There are several different species of bees and wasps, so it’s important for you and your pest control technician to identify the type of insect first. Bee behaviour and wasp behaviour can vary depending on the time of year and species.

bees Behavior

Most people will notice the difference between the way each type of bee or wasp makes a nest. Bees make wax nests that they return to each year. Wasps may nest underground or construct a nest made of wood pulp and abandon the nest at the end of the season.

While bees can sting, most are non-aggressive. There are many different kinds of wasps in Canada, some of which may be more aggressive than others and sting multiple times. However, it’s important to know the difference between social and solitary species so you can keep yourself safe.

Bees and wasps are most active during the spring and summer. Some bees and wasps may still be around in the fall. The best time of year to control wasps is in June after the queen has established her colony and while it’s still small. But because nests are so tiny, you have better chances at finding them then- especially if you’re looking during evening hours when they’re less active.

How Truly Nolen Helps Get Rid of Pests

Inspect and Identify

At Truly Nolen, our bee and wasp pest control process starts with identification. We can schedule an inspection at your home or business to determine the extent of your problem with bees or wasps. Our technicians first gear up in protective clothing to prevent stings. We will locate the nest and determine the plan of action to remove it safely.

Determine the course of action

We will apply a treatment to the nest and begin removal. Once the treatment is active, we will begin to remove the components of the nest and the bees or wasps with it. We focus on completely removing all parts of the nest to prevent another colony of bees or wasps from moving in. It is interesting to note that the nests of wasps are not reused. Wasp colonies found in winter or early spring are usually old nest sites from last summer, and there are no living insects inside them; they’re already gone!


The Four Seasons Approach

When you run a business or maintain a home, you want to get the most effective pest control strategy to keep insects out of your space. Our team uses a Four Seasons approach that offers services all year long that keep bees, wasps and other bugs from nesting and occupying your home or business.


Entry Points

All year long our technicians can monitor and treat entry points into your home or business and other potential hot spots for bees or wasps.


We also treat the perimeter of your property, such as the foundation and paved surfaces to keep pests from gaining entry.


In the spring, summer and fall, we focus on granule treatment within your landscaping to make it less hospitable for insects.


Throughout the year, your pest control technician can help monitor various spots in your home or business for bee or wasp activity.

Prevention Tips for Bee & Wasp Control

Wasp prevention strategies can help keep your home or business clear of these nuisance insects. Aim to make your space less attractive for nest-building bees or wasps. First, make sure your garbage can is secure and has a lid. The smell of trash may attract wasps. Keep compost piles covered as well.

In your landscaping, you can plant items that bees and wasps don’t like, such as basil, wormwood or mint. Put away hummingbird feeders and make sure fruit from fruit trees doesn’t sit on the ground too long. Always be on the lookout for nests around your porch, shed or the eaves of your building.

If you need help with bees or wasps, schedule an inspection today. With our expertise and skills at Truly Nolen Canada, you can get relief from an anxiety-inducing bee or wasp problem.

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