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Truly Nolen expertise spans beyond just residential pest control, we provide comprehensive solutions for business customers, commercial property managers and companies. Truly Nolen’s commercial pest control programs provide proven pest control strategies to protect your properties and your reputation.

Pest infestations and the damage they can cause to buildings could cost businesses millions of dollars each year. Truly Nolen delivers long-term pest solutions by providing property managers with the tools and services necessary to control pests in commercial environments. Truly Nolen Canada specializes in Rodent Control, Bed Bugs, Cockroach, Fly Control, Bee and Wasp Services, Bird Control, Ant Control, Flea & Tick Service, and Mosquito Mitigation for commercial spaces.

Some features of our pest management services for property managers include:

Truly Nolen knows that residential property managers need someone they can trust. Our commercial property management solutions provide property managers with a partnership you can rely on for all of your pest and facility maintenance needs including: training and education on pest management, and a variety of pest control service options.

The Truly Commercial Solution

Our approach to commercial pest control begins with a thorough inspection of your property to identify nesting sites, satellite areas, and favorable conditions causing infestation. Truly Nolen then incorporates advancements in pest control technology into our Commercial Property Management Pest Program customized to fit the needs of your business.

Progressive Pest Program

A nine step monthly non-food handling service, incorporating an I.P.M. approach to address most crawling insects—ants, spiders, crickets and the like, forms the foundation of multi-unit residential property programs.

Bees and Wasps

Because bees and wasps pose a physical treat to people, Truly Nolen prefers the resident or manager not to accompany them on inspection of affected areas. After removing bees and wasps and destroying exterior and interior hives, Truly Nolen technicians install pheromone traps to dissuade bees and wasps from moving in next bee season.

Bed Bugs

Increasingly on the rise in Canada, early bed bug detection and identification can prevent these nocturnal insects from moving to other units through walls and holes drilled for electrical and plumbing components. Truly Nolen professionals provide specific steps for removal of bed bugs, including prepping an affected unit, to removal procedures and prevention of future infestations.


Keeping rodents out of multi-unit buildings is key to eliminating them and the feasting insects associated with them. Truly Nolen first seals off all rodent prone entry routes. Technicians trap rodents, who have already found their way into a unit and remove rodent waste and insect infestations, before sanitizing affected areas, and devising a monitoring program.

From ant service to tick and flea programs, Truly Nolen’s Commercial Pest Control programs cover it all. When you choose Truly Nolen Canada, you choose a company backed by more than 75 years of scientific research and proven results.

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